Mr. Pence goes to Washington


To commemorate the upcoming inauguration, the Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) decided to film a production of Mr. Pence Goes to Washington. There’s nothing like a deadline to get you going and moving they did, albeit one millimeter at a time, with hundreds of camera clicks.

The stop-motion animation process demanded great patience on the part of the actors, as well as the director and photographer from Dubious Productions. Just like in Hollywood, it took a lot of standing around between scenes and discussions about the simplest actions. Everyone hung out together in the basement for several full days, determined to get through as many shots as it took to make a 1 minute video. The troupe came out unscathed, but there was a question as to whether the dog’s tail would stay attached, after wagging so hard!


The cast member playing Mr. Pence wasn’t so sure that his assigned costume would give the right impression, but once he tried on the gingham frock, he felt right at home in the role.


Makeup for the Mr. Pence character was a challenge, but white cropped hair and a permanent look of disapproval on his otherwise bland face helped bring him to life.


As for the little guy, his head had to swivel around and his tail needed to wag.


This costume fitting got a little out of hand. Don’t theater people say that animals and children always steal the show?



The set department painted a gazillion yellow bricks for the road.


All in all, the cast enjoyed their moving performance and are already rehearsing for the next chapter in the American Drama Series.
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Women’s March

The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) have been working around the clock in anticipation of the exciting Inauguration and Protest Season in Washington DC.


All over the country, Pussyhats are being knitted, sewn and crocheted for people to wear while participating in the Women’s March on Washington (and sister cities) on January 21st, 2017. Info and patterns can be found at the Pussyhat Project.


Behind the scenes, the troupe is practicing for the new Administration’s first day in office.


A new costar is being outfitted for his role as understudy for the leading man.



Meanwhile Pussyhat production is hectic, with yarn suppliers reporting brisk sales of the color pink. I just hope that the supply holds up with demand!  Want to make your own? The Pussyhat pattern is a simple easy to make design.

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a message to my followers

The past 2 months have been kind of unreal. Day and night, I work on pieces that I hope reflect the feelings of a great many Americans who are searching for ways to cope since the election. After posting something new, I am frequently moved to tears as I sit in front of my computer, reading the supportive comments that come pouring in. Even though I don’t answer everyone who writes, I want you to know how encouraging your words are.

If you’ve read the comments on my posts both here and on Facebook over the weeks since I started speaking out, you’ll know that there has been push-back against my political satire, too. I guess that’s a sign that my message is getting through. I post and sometimes answer the critical comments as long as they are civil or relevant, but I’ve had to block some bizarre rantings and put up my Troll Free Zone sign (pictured below) on occasion. Alas, we are living in extraordinary times, the fairies have left the land of innocence and there is no going back.

A short time after the election, I wrote the fairies made me do it, as a way to explain my recent foray into current affairs. And a couple of weeks ago, I posted a message for my Facebook followers. A friend who missed seeing the message on FB suggested that I also publish it on this blog, so here it is.

Salley and RedA Message to my Followers
Published on Facebook, Dec. 11, 2016.
As you have no doubt noticed, my page has recently included art work with a political edge. This is creating quite a stir, so I thought I’d address the issue. In the future, I plan to show a mixture of political satire, apolitical pieces and travel photos, along with a smattering of archival material. I am not by nature a political person, but I believe that speaking out through art is important for the health of our democracy, especially now. Art making requires a point of view, which can be confronting, depending on a person’s background and beliefs.

American populist voters wanted a dramatic change and now the tables are upended. As in many a cautionary folk tale, their wish has been granted, along with all of its unforeseen consequences. The universe has shifted and yes, even the wee world is shaken up. A brisk wind has blown through its ivy-covered cottage doors and the fairies are scrambling around in a panic. Is that so surprising? Rejection of the status quo is unsettling, whether it be through the election of an unpredictable new President or change in an artist’s approach from sweetly neutral to opinionated.


The election isn’t the only reason my focus is different, although it was the tipping point. For some time, I’ve been exploring more topical subjects and addressing world events, so I see this as a natural evolution. Some of you may think I’ve gone berserk while others applaud, saying, “You go girl!” All I know is that I have not felt this free and creatively engaged since art school 40 years ago.

I can certainly understand how many of you feel sad and perhaps even betrayed by my new direction. You think I’m being divisive and that political criticism has no place in this innocent wee world. It’s shocking because you’ve come to depend on my miniature, stitched scenes as a safe refuge from the ugliness of the world. A lot of us want and need a nonthreatening haven to engage with and I encourage you to create your own wee world the way you envision it. You have the ability to make that happen for yourself! You don’t have to pay attention to what I’m doing if it taints your experience.

As for my own vision, the not so docile fairies are like a pack of muses, leading me on a personal search for understanding of the real world around us. I invite you to come along on my journey. I do not know where it will lead or how long I will be traveling on this particular fork in the road. But I do know that I will strive to make art that speaks from the heart, in my own way. I will listen and observe and tell it as I see it. My work can range from sentimental to sophisticated or from silly to serious and quite often contains a touch of irony. Thank you to all of you who’ve cheered me on in this new endeavor. And I am willing to accept that some of you will strongly disagree and even be offended. All I can say is that I hope you come along and see where this is going, sometimes holding your nose if you have to. You may even find yourself spontaneously laughing every now and then!

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It’s going to be SO beautiful

The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) continue their American Drama Series with a tale of international intrigue, featuring long term adversaries.


Using an existing stage set saved production time.



The Players’ newest cast member hardly needed any makeup, costuming or accent coaching to play his role convincingly. He stole the show, despite the maneuverings of the leading man.


New props were quickly painted for this pivotal scene. As you can imagine, the audience is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of future plot twists, which are in the process of being written. To keep up with new episodes, subscribe to this blog (top right column on the home page).




5 stages of post-election grief

The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) presents 5 Stages of Post-Election Grief: An American Drama. Is it possible to reach stage 5?

5 stages.indd

Thank you to my my sister Anne Mavor for contributing her graphic design skills and my husband Rob Goldsborough for making the video. Below are a selection of shots of the cast with intimate glimpses backstage of makeup, hair, wardrobe and rehearsal sessions.







Polly goes to Utah

It’s time we caught up with Polly Doll about the second part of her trip west. In early November she met up with her cousins in Salt Lake City and then headed to their cabin in southern Utah. From there she drove through the countryside and visited Kodachrome National Park (above video) and Brice Canyon National Park. The scenery was so spectacular that she could hardly believe her eyes! The Fall palette featured her favorite color combination, green and orange, with lots of subtle variations in between.






Polly really enjoyed the Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City. She got up close to some gems, plaster animals and old bones. She’s looking forward to her next trip this winter, where she’s hoping to meet some real live animals up close!