Cover Up preview & poster


Over the past few months, I made Cover Up (24 x 30), the newest piece in an evolving portrait series. I’m in the process of writing more posts about the making of Cover Up, which will be published soon, but, I wanted to send out a preview first. It was an engrossing project that kept me busy all through the cold snowy days of winter. Cover Up depicts women wearing cultural, national, and religious forms of head coverings and tribal markings. The portraits reflect notions of female modesty, fashion, status and conformity from different times and places.

Because the many little portraits are hard to see, I decided that the finished piece (shown above) wouldn’t translate well into a reduced sized poster format. Instead, I chose to feature a selected group of women, with their photos juxtaposed in a grid. Each head is enlarged 200%, so that you can take in the details and essence of the person. The 12 x 17 poster (shown below) is available in my Etsy Shop here.

In this series, which includes Face Time and Whiskers, I’ve focused on bringing to life different people from around the world, using themes of history, style and cultural identity. In each piece, head and shoulder busts peek out of “cameo” framed holes. Their faces are painted 20mm wooden beads, with wigs and adornments, similar to the doll heads in my how-to book Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures


15 thoughts on “Cover Up preview & poster

  1. Sally you are a very gifted artist. After purchasing two of your books, I have tried to paint the little faces — I finally gave the task to my daughter, who has a steadier hand. It is not an easy task!
    What I like most about these last two pieces you’ve done is that you’ve taken people from different cultures and woven them together in a harmonious setting. I pray that through your art the message of peace and appreciation for each culture will inspire people to love one another.

  2. All the dolls — their faces, hair styles and head coverings — are gorgeous… but oh my goodness! The lady with the curlers!! Thank you for adding a smile to my evening —

  3. Thank You so very much for this beautiful artwork. Thank You so very much for sharing your talents to show us that women everywhere have much more in common than we have differences.

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