A short documentary about Salley Mavor’s work.

Even though this piece is inspired by current world events, it could very well represent the universal and timeless plight of refugees throughout history.




Cover Up
Stitching the felt background for Salley Mavor’s 2016 bas relief piece, Cover Up.

Felt Wee Folk
Book trailer for Salley Mavor’s 2015 how-to book, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures.

Rock-a-bye Baby




Fairy Family
A fairy family of 5, handmade by Salley Mavor, were raffled for the benefit of Highfield Hall and Gardens in Falmouth MA. in the summer of 2015.

Hither and Yon
Documenting the process of making and installing Salley Mavor’s piece, Hither and Yon, which was made for the 2014 Portals and Passageways Environmental Sculpture Exhibit at Highfield Hall and Gardens.




Stuart and Nancy
Stitching a 50th anniversary gift.




5 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Your videos are so inspirational. And all with a sewing machine. Magical! Thank you for sharing these amazing videos.

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