Making MY BED
See how Salley Mavor made the illustrations for her new picture book MY BED.

Boston Children’s Hospital Installation
This winter themed display of Salley Mavor’s artwork is on view at Boston Children’s Hospital until March 15, 2023. The case is located in the Mini-Museum in the Hale lobby, not far from the main entrance to the hospital at 300 Longwood Ave., Boston, Massachusetts. The exhibit, which is sponsored by the Art Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is for patients and their families, staff, and visitors to enjoy.

The Zoom talk, “An Afternoon with Salley Mavor”, is now available for all to see! The video includes an interview, slide show and Q&A section.

A short documentary about Salley Mavor’s work.

Self Portrait: A Personal History of Fashion
A nostalgic tour through fashion and music.

Watch the process of making the Mongolian pony for MY BED

Felt Wee Folk
Book trailer for Salley Mavor’s 2015 how-to book, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures.

Stitching Moss with Salley Mavor (for Mossy Glen)

Stitch Minute Videos

Watch Salley Mavor’s process up close in this series of one minute videos.

Stitching faux moss (for Harvest Time)
Turkey Tail Mushroom – Harvest Time
Chain Stitch – Mossy Glen
Bush (Mossy Glen)
Fly Stitch (Mossy Glen)
Cherry Tree (Mossy Glen)
Stitching leaf (for Mossy Glen)
Stitching bead bush (for Mossy Glen)
Stitching faux knitting (for Mossy Glen)
Stitching Moss (for Mossy Glen)
Chain Stitch (Mossy Glen)
Forsythia (Mossy Glen)
Tree (Mossy Glen)
Stitch Minute – Wire Tree Branches (for Frosty Morning)
Stitch Minute – Blanket Stitch (for wedding banner)
Stitch Minute – Wire Lettering (for wedding banner)
Stitch Minute – Wire Vine (for wedding banner)

Liberty and Justice: A Cautionary Tale in the Land of the Free – What happens when a pair of lost citizens wander in the deep dark woods in search of a new leader? In this satirical take-off of the traditional folk tale, “Hansel and Gretel, the wordless story follows protagonists Liberty and Justice as they negotiate the challenges of today’s unique political landscape, while being shadowed by a persistent Twitter bird.

Share Liberty and Justice on YouTube.

Doll House
See Salley Mavor’s newly renovated 1975 doll house.

The Greta Effect
8.5″ x 11″ archival print – all profits to go to climate science research. Go to shop here.

Liberty and Justice Time Lapse

Wee Folk Studio Animated Logo
Find out about filming this segment here.

Even though this piece is inspired by current world events, it could very well represent the universal and timeless plight of refugees throughout history.

Cover Up

Stitching the felt background for Salley Mavor’s 2016 bas relief piece, Cover Up.

Rock-a-bye Baby

Hither and Yon

Documenting the process of making and installing Salley Mavor’s piece, Hither and Yon, which was made for the 2014 Portals and Passageways Environmental Sculpture Exhibit at Highfield Hall and Gardens.

Stuart and Nancy

Stitching a 50th anniversary gift.

13 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Your videos are so inspirational. And all with a sewing machine. Magical! Thank you for sharing these amazing videos.

  2. bonsoir , madame , j ‘ habite en France , en Bretagne et j” ai passé un moment délicieux en regardant les vidéos et de voir les petites fées , leur villages , c ‘est tout simplement Merveilleux !
    Permettez moi de vous dire toute mon admiration et aussi toute ma frustration car je ne trouve pas vos lire en France !
    je vous remercie pour ces moments . je vous dis a bientôt dans votre blog , amicalement , A.F.

  3. Hi Salley and Rob, Seems that the @s I have for you are outdated… So I went to buy a ticket for Liberty and Justice yesterday and the screening was indeed sold out so I just watched it on the net. It’s wonderful – the enchantement of the sets, the charm of the music, the folktale heritage, the irony of the posters (Burma Shave) make the attraction of our goofball and deadly administration plausible.

  4. quel beau travail, quelle imagination ! votre univers est extraordinaire et exécuté avec grand talent. Merci pour tant de rêves. je rêverais d’être votre apprenti ! Rose

  5. Salley,
    I just got the book I ordered from you on Etsy. I’m so in awe of you. Thank you for inscribing it to my granddaughter, Bijou, and me. She’s only a year and a half, but we spent some time before bed looking at fairies. Your work is magic. ❤️

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