Wee Folk Players (they’re a stitch)

The Wee Folk Players (they’re a stitch) formed soon after the 2016 election and have been performing political satire on this blog ever since. For some insight into Salley Mavor’s foray into current affairs, please read this interview. Episodes in the American Drama Series are listed below.

Cast and crew from the Wee Folk Players help position actors and move props backstage.


WeeFolkPlayers-7Episodes in the American Drama Series:
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DECEMBER 2016: Flat Earth Society, The internet today5 Stages of Post-Election Grief
It’s going to be SO beautiful!

JANUARY 2017: Women’s MarchMr. Pence goes to Washington,
The Great American BallFireside Chat

FEBRUARY 2017: Chaos Advisory, Civics LessonWell Suited,
Strategy Session, Coffee Break

MARCH 2017: Little Red, White and BlueTap Dance, Wonderland ex-Press, Artificial Intelligence, Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.

APRIL 2017: March for Science,  Class Outing, Palace Intrigue, Backstage Tour, Play Therapy

MAY 2017: Abraham’s Lament, Family Intervention, Stop-motion in action

The Players are currently working on location in the basement, filming a stop-motion animated video. It’s a political take-off of a cautionary tale that you will all find familiar. The project is in the very early stages and will require an immense amount of time and patience. It is not clear when the film will be finished and ready to show, but you can be sure that it will debut before the next presidential election

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Stop-motion animation set