Great American Ball

With the spotlight on the upcoming inaugural spectacle in Washington DC and in the spirit of what they believe makes America GREAT, The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) proudly present their alternative take on the Great American Ball.


Key players in the American Drama Series were cast as leading men, while ordinary citizens auditioned for the unnamed bit parts.


Special dance shoes, some with spike heels, were custom made for the show by the costume department.

Jittery members of the All-American cast (see photos below) waited in the wings, bracing themselves for the coming drama, calling out, “Break a leg!”

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9 thoughts on “Great American Ball

    • Thank you for expressing your point of view, Irene. I know that not everyone will get my sense of irony or think that I am addressing current events the way they want, but I have a hard time seeing that this juxtaposition of characters is an endorsement of the administration.

    • I think you might be missing the subtle irony of Trump dancing with a woman larger than a size 2, Pence dancing with a person who is gender non-conforming, and Bannon dancing with a person of color. She’s showing us the alternate universe that we really would celebrate instead of the one we live in.

  1. Oh, Salley – you are my shining light in the midst of this unbelievable! situation. Thank you, thank you!

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