Polly Doll

Polly Doll was born to travel in 2012 and has spent her whole life stowed away in a backpack, journeying around the world. She likes to wear a different outfit for each trip, which are occasionally washed and hung out to dry on the line. To see a list of her journeys, please scroll down.

Polly is based on the patterns and directions for making fairies and other dolls in my how-to Felt Wee Folk. She is featured in a series of note cards, which are available in my shop here.
Polly’s Washing Day – 4 note cards – $10.00 – Buy Here
Polly in the Periwinkle – 4 note cards – $10.00 – Buy Here
Polly in the Daffodils – 4 note cards – $10.00 – Buy Here
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To see photos of their adventures, click on her travel log below:

August 2019 — Polly dresses for the seashore
May 2018 — Polly – Scotland 2018
May 2018 — Polly’s Fair Isle Vest
Sept. 2017 — Polly – Ireland 2017
Sept. 2017 — Polly Steps Out
Feb. 2017 —  Polly in the Galapagos
Nov. 2016 —  Polly goes to Utah
Oct. 2016 —  Polly in Oregon
Sept. 2016 —  Polly in PEI
Oct. 2015 — Rosie in Scotland
Oct. 2015 —  Rosie and Polly in Scotland
June 2015 —  Sculpture and more Polly in Scotland
June 2015 —  Polly in Scotland
Oct. 2014 —  Polly’s trip to France
Sept. 2014 —  Polly’s packed and ready
May 2014 —  Polly in Cuba
Sept. 2013 —  Polly’s trip to Ireland
Sept. 2013 —  Polly’s going on a trip
March 2013 —  Polly’s trip to California
Nov, 2012 — Where is Polly Doll going next?
Nov. 2012 —  Polly is going to Antarctica
April 2012 —  Polly goes to Chinatown
April 2012 — Polly tours San Francisco
April 2012 — Polly hikes green Gulch

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