Scotland, Oct. 2015 ~ Rosie


Rosie’s trip to Scotland began with a dramatic encounter with a local bear at a road side pub between Glasgow and Oban. With a combination of perseverance and ingenuity, she was able to excuse herself after lunch and continued on her journey.


She took a boat to the Island of Iona, where she said hello to some sweet cows and drank heather ale.



She loved visiting Sir Walter Scott’s magnificent home, Abbotsford…


and Eilean Donan castle.


She met a piper…


and posed with sets of armor and a stained glass window at Edinburgh castle. Stay tuned for future posts ~ Rosie’s travels will continue here, with an exciting discovery!



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7 thoughts on “Scotland, Oct. 2015 ~ Rosie

  1. I know a Lassie that’s having a great time in Scotland…and looking rather spiffy in her kilt too! Onward, little Rosie and enjoy!

  2. What a wonderful tour Rosie is having in Scotland, Salley! Adorable pictures, and some great Scottish scenes too. My heart is always half in Scotland! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glad she escaped the bear’s clutches unharmed (great photo!). So much fun to see her trip; brings back fond memories for me.

  4. Rosie is such a sweet doll. I love her braids and ankle socks. I enjoyed her trip photos and look forward to finding out what her discovery is.

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