Scotland, Oct. 2015 ~ Rosie & Polly


Remember when Polly went missing and I had to come up with a replacement traveler? Well, Rosie was a great sport to fill in and she ended up having a great trip. But low and behold, who did she find in Scotland but Polly! After she got over the shock of seeing her bedraggled cousin in the heather, Rosie listened to Polly’s story. Polly told the harrowing tale of how she stowed away in a backpack, making it through airport security and the trans Atlantic flight. She barely survived being crammed inside a pocket with a pair of sun glasses and a bottle of aspirin. But, she was glad to not be left behind! From then on, Polly and Rosie were inseparable. They climbed stone walls at Urquhart Castle


visited Melrose Abbey


traipsed through moss at The Falls of Bruar


petted Greenfriar’s Bobby and walked the street of Edinburgh.


They hiked through magical woods…


and visited the site of the Battle of Culloden. Polly and Rosie made it home safely and will rest a bit before their next adventure!


9 thoughts on “Scotland, Oct. 2015 ~ Rosie & Polly

  1. Great photos and you are a great story teller besides being an artist with needle and thread!!!

  2. I’m glad they are such great friends and were able to enjoy each others company on the trip. Imagine if they were vain enough to worry about who had the prettier outfit. I’d be hard pressed to choose. And they look so neat and tidy after all their adventures, more so than I do when I travel.

  3. Every great story needs a dialog and some conflict. I bet one of these lassies is more of a risk taker and is going to push the boundaries someday…;-)

  4. They really seem like sisters, and best friends too. How wonderful to travel and share so much. sandra

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