Scotland (Oct. 2015): Abbotsford


In the Scottish lowlands, we visited Abbotsford, the home of 19th century author Sir Walter Scott, who’s historical novels were influential in popularizing and romanticizing Scotland’s past.


The building and gardens were impressive. Rosie got a good view from high up with the hollyhocks.


The interior rooms held an even more amazing collection of treasures, my favorites being the entryway full of armor and wooden sculpture and the sitting room, with its hand painted Chinese wallpaper.






6 thoughts on “Scotland (Oct. 2015): Abbotsford

  1. This post is like a photo fantasy.
    I spotted Rosie climbing up what looked like a hollyhock.
    I hope that Polly’s dare-devilish-ness hasn’t rubbed off on her cousin.
    Whew! You have your hands full.

  2. A friend who has just seen your exhibition in the Upcountry museum in Greenville directed me to your website. I live in an east coast village in the Scottish Borders but I recognise many of your photo locations. The landscapes and the buildings are great images. We have a lot of red pan tiled roofs here and in Northern England. Originally they came as ships ballast from the Low Countries.
    We have a local wool festival in St Abbs in spring and autumn for spinners, weavers, dyers, knitters and all. There are lots of sheep farms!

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