Polly in the Galapagos


Polly just returned from a fascinating trip to the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador. She dressed in an outfit suitable for a Charles Darwin expedition in the 1830’s. The excessive heat and humidity were a challenge in her long skirt, but at least she didn’t have to put sun screen on her wooden face. In this photo, you can barely make out the piles of sun bathing sea iguanas on the black volcanic rocks. A brown baby sea lion nestled in the rocks and slept through the photo session, while another looked on from the water’s edge.



Having nothing to fear, the animals were oblivious to humans. We were told that they don’t sleep close together because of affection, but to keep themselves warm. Polly took along a collection bag and straw hat for protection from the equatorial sun.


This is as close as she got to some land iguanas.


She hiked up to a high lookout on one of the islands…


and climbed cactus plants.


The giant tortoises were impressively old and slow.




While the Sally Lightfoot crabs were gaudy and fast.


This young sea lion slumbered on a bench. Polly resisted the temptation to tickle its whiskers.



Polly got a kick out of posing in front a photo collage of Charles Darwin, who was in his 20’s when he visited the Galapagos Islands in 1831. His theory of evolution, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, based mainly on his observations there was published in 1859. More photos of the trip, with closeups of the animals go here.



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15 thoughts on “Polly in the Galapagos

  1. Great pictures of course. Even without the little doll you manage to make them seem personal and more enjoyable than national geo pics which we see all the time. Great travels!

  2. What a wonderful little photo journey Polly just took us on! (Such a nice change from snowy Massachusetts, where we’re about to have our third storm in less than a week.) It is nice to see a little glimpse of what else there is there besides the scenery and the animals. That bench scene (with you) cracked me up. Thank you Polly and Salley for sharing your adventure with us!

  3. Hi Polly,
    Wow, was this trip recent? When do you and your “mom” Salley find the time? What a fabulous trip for you, so educational.
    I think you are very brave to be so close to the various animals. Looking forward to your next adventure.
    Your outfit was perfect for this trip.

  4. Thank you Polly and Salley for sharing with us your wonderful adventure..My favorite picture has to be the one take on the rocks with the seal looking longingly at you, patently waiting for attention or to reclaim his favorite spot for sunning .lol

  5. What a wonderful trip. Your husband’s photo are AWESOME! Is he a professional photographer? I love how you placed Polly in different settings! I love your creative mind and your creative skills. Keep it up, we all really enjoy seeing what you’ll come up with next. Maggie

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