Polly hikes Green Gulch

On our last day in the bay area of California, we visited beautiful Muir Beach. We met our friends from home, Judy and Phil Richardson, who are renting a house in Berkeley for a month. Judy and I created 2 picture books together (read about our book, The Way Home here). This was an opportunity to see Green Gulch, Phil’s boyhood home. For years he has talked about growing up on a cattle ranch that was later protected from development, when the property was given to the San Francisco Zen Center and a nature conservation organization. 

Polly came along, while we hiked through the Zen Center and up to the top of the hill, which overlooks Muir Beach. What a spectacular view!

Leading up to our special day, we had gone out to Green’s restaurant in SF earlier in the week, which is run by the Zen Center. Here, Polly is inspecting my dinner, a delicious grilled polenta that was served with butternut squash and sweet potato gratin.

8 thoughts on “Polly hikes Green Gulch

  1. This is so adorable! I used to take pictures of my stuffed bear out in different settings, for my son when he was little, and he loved them. I think these photos and stories you’re writing would make a wonderful book for children! The photos are really precious.

  2. Oh Salley I love her dear little shoes, perfect for hiking! I love Polly and look forward to more of her adventures, perhaps even a book?

  3. My favorite is Polly inspecting your dinner. That was amazing and the one that made it seem totally necessary for Polly to be in a book! If that were my plate, poor Polly would be all greasy in 2 seconds. You wouldn’t ever do such a sloppy thing! Very fun to watch her travels! She is precious!

  4. Loving the continuing saga…and seeing some sights that are all new to me. Sure think that Polly must have enjoyed herself immensely! Safe travel home and enjoy the springtime on The Cape…that sure is a wonderful spot for Polly too!!

  5. You are causing people all over to fall in love with Polly. I shared the link with the Hittysknittys yahoo group. Everyone there was as enchanted by her as I am. The last photo is so special!

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