Scotland – June 2015: sculpture & more Polly


While walking the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Polly came close to being stepped on by John Knox and saw musicians playing under the gaze of Adam Smith.


Polly atop a wee head of hair in a garden outside of Glasgow.


King James V looks down from Stirling Castle.


A unicorn pointing high from a street in Stirling.


Polly meets some friends and gets into the action in Edinburgh.


A majestic deer in Edinburgh.


Polly pets  a lion at Edinburgh Castle.


And steadfast Robert the Bruce guards Stirling Castle. See all of the archived posts with Polly Doll here.


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8 thoughts on “Scotland – June 2015: sculpture & more Polly

  1. Nice to see the sun out; at least in one picture a blue sky showed! Allan especially enjoyed the first half of the show. He said it was a delight! He thanks you again…and I am sorry to have missed it, but NPC was good and the ladies say hi back! Maria

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  2. Hi Salley,[Pocket Lady] Forwarded Polly’s adventures to Ben d. Bill and he would like to meet her!!!They can share stories. Liz and Bill Henry Ben just got back from his trek with Melissa and Jane[our other daughter].They were hiking along the border of Turkey and Syria. We held our breaths!

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