Scotland – June 2015: houses


Coming from the land of cedar shingled cottages, it’s quite a contrast to see Scottish houses, which are all made of brick, stone and slate. I love their solid stance, with a touch of whimsy showing in the windows and roof lines. These photos were taken in the towns and villages along our hiking route in the Highlands.

scotlandhouse-1-11 scotlandhouse-1-12 scotlandhouse-1-14 scotlandhouse-1-13 scotlandhouse-1-6 scotlandhouse-1-5 scotlandhouse-1-4 scotlandhouse-1-3 scotlandhouse-1-15

5 thoughts on “Scotland – June 2015: houses

  1. Lovely, Salley! I love your Scottish photos – they are a real trip down memory lane for me, with all my happy childhood memories of holidays in Scotland with my grandmother. So many characteristic north-of-the-border styles here! Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.


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