Klimt cave paintings


My Husband and I recently watched the movie “Woman in Gold”. Both of us were awestruck and moved by the true story of a Jewish woman’s fight to reclaim Gustav Klimt’s painting of her aunt Adele (pictured above) that was taken by the Nazis. The movie is beautifully filmed and acted by Helen Mirren, but the real star is Klimt’s powerful painting, which serves as the centerpiece of this drama about family heritage, national identity, justice and the long-lasting devastating effects of WWII.

Seeing the movie reminded me of an amazing exhibit we saw last year in Provence at the Carrières de Lumières. My photos give a sense of the scale of the cave, but they don’t sufficiently convey the powerful experience of seeing images from Klimt’s paintings projected on every surface inside, from under foot to over head. The scenes constantly moved to music, evolving from one image to another. Klimt’s iconic patterns were everywhere, surrounding and enveloping the viewers, who wandered around, room to room, dwarfed by the huge interior walls. I felt like I was inside his paintings. Every year, they feature a different artist’s work and I feel lucky to have seen this special production in 2014!

FranceKlimpt1 FranceKlimpt4 FranceKlimpt6 FranceKlimpt5 FranceKlimpt7

13 thoughts on “Klimt cave paintings

  1. Sally, do you have a program or anything that tells you what paintings were used for the exhibit? I would love to identify the painting in the fourth picture you show, the one with the green background and the pink houses, but I can’t find one of his paintings that has that detail. If you can help out, I’d appreciate it. Looks like a breathtaking exhibit! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. My almost 85 year old sister just watched that movie too and said it was a “must see”; she was very impressed by it! Thanks for reminding me! And loved you Klimt photo’s! xoxo, maria

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  3. Salley, thank you so much for the wonderful posting. His paintings have caught my emotions, even though I must have seen them so many times. This was a very dramatic display of his work and I can see how thrilled you must have been to be there! Inspiring!

  4. Fantastic! The year the English Patient came out my daughter-in-law was in Italy and happened into the church where the main characters are on ropes looking at the frescoes. You never know.

  5. Salley, thanks for an amazing post! What fantastic photos! I had not heard of the film, and this is one I simply have to see – Helen Mirren looks amazing in the part. Thank you so much for sharing.


  6. Seguramente ha sido una experiencia inolvidable ¡¡ Gracias por compartirla!!! Yo también me emocioné mucho con esa película que me hizo recordar los desarraigos de mis ancestro que salieron de Europa buscando un nuevo horizonte en Argentina.

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