Polly’s going on a trip


Polly Doll is packed and ready to go on a trip to Ireland. She’s filled her carpet bag and basket with all of her necessities and is waiting to board the Peter Pan bus to Logan Airport. Polly missed the bus last year and she is so determined to go along this time that she will not move from her spot in front of the house. No sleeping, no bathroom breaks. And she insists on holding her carry-on luggage while she waits.

She’s hoping to show pictures of her travels on Facebook while she’s away, so check there from time to time to see where she’s been.


14 thoughts on “Polly’s going on a trip

  1. Polly’s costume is divine and so is her adorable house!!! Can’t wait to see where she goes and what kind of mischief she might get into along the way!

  2. Have a wonderful time!! For how long and with whom?? Am going to Holland myself the end of this month for less than two weeks. We should get together afterwards and catch up! Love and happy travels! Maria

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  3. May the road rise up to meet you on your way, and I hope you have an absolutely beautiful time! Enjoy the Irish Fairy Tales!

    However, I do have one question that has caused many problems for the young doll lovers of my family: how do you let Miss Polly stand, yet don’t make it so that she always has a base under her feet? I looked back at older pictures and saw her with a white base and with no base, as well as the brown one she is traveling with now. Does the base change with her shoes? Our problem has always been that the base gets in the way when dolly is getting tucked into bed 🙂

    • Hi Hazel,

      With dolls, the question is, “What’s more important, to stand or sleep?” When Polly went to snow country in Antarctica she had a white base, but else where a brown base will do. I will teach about these bases in the 2nd edition of Felt Wee Folk, which will come out in 2015.

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