Polly steps out

Polly is almost packed and ready to travel again. As you can see, she’s been temporarily staying at the Grate Hall Fairy House.

For months, she stoically observed the goings on in the studio with nary a peep out of her painted lips. From her vantage point atop the display case, she could see other characters and projects taking shape. 
She watched as new talent was brought in for the American Drama Series, including child stars for a stop-motion animated movie about the 2016 election, which seems like it’s been in production forever. It’s been hard for her stand in the sidelines as a whole new cast of characters acts out her preferred genre – political satire.

Also in the works is a new children’s book about beds around the world (to be published in 2020), which makes Polly think about travel even more!

But, Polly’s patience has been rewarded and she will be going back to Ireland, which she enjoyed visiting in 2013. Despite the last minute decision to travel, she was able to put together a new wardrobe for the trip. A fisherman’s knit sweater was the obvious choice!

First, she had a new plaid skirt fitted. Then it was time to “faux knit” the sweater, using off-white wool felt and tapestry yarn.

Polly prefers a button down style, so she doesn’t muss up her hair pulling the sweater over her head.

A little tam with a pom pom completes the look.

I think Polly will be prepared for all kinds of Irish weather. She looks forward to posing in her new outfit and sharing photos of the trip. UPDATE: See photos of Polly’s trip to Ireland here.

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31 thoughts on “Polly steps out

  1. Love this! Polly is adorable and looks rested. Have a fabulous trip and I’ll wait expectantly for photos to come this way 🙂

    • Thanks Diane. It’s the first time I’ve worked on a book since starting this blog and other social media, so I’m unsure how much I can show before the book’s published. Right now, I figure that close up process photos will be OK.

  2. Your new book looks and sounds delightful!! I cant wait to watch it unfold!!
    I have to tell you how entranced I was by your fairy house at Highfield House! I saw it this summer right before I came over to the Falmouth Art Center for your opening. Also I have to thank you for agreeing to let me get a picture of the two of us together!! Such a fan girl thing to do but I had to ask! That little fairy house is a total delight and brilliant use of unusual materials. I love seeing how artists use found objects!! Thank you for sharing what you do with all of us!!

  3. Sally, you’ve done it again! Poly is sensibly but very fashionably outfitted for her trip to Ireland. Her fisherman’s knit sweater, her tam, and red hair will allow her to blend in perfectly, now all she needs is anything Irish brogue! Safe travels to all.

  4. I love Polly’s sweater the best. Wonderful work. Beds made me think about what I used to sleep on as a child. Being Navajo I slept on goat skin. After a while my mother did away with those. But I look forward to your book.

  5. Your work is so amazing! In a few weeks I am going to La Conner to see your creations there. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

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