Wonderland ex-Press

I am happy to report that the Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) have been pressed into service once again, with this special edition of a Lewis Carroll classic, set in the White House rose garden.

The lead, playing the Red Queen, delivered a brief quote-worthy headline, all in caps. As the story unfolded, more than a few questionable members of the press pool found themselves on the cutting room floor.

With an eye toward accuracy, the costume department used a variety of media and some anonymous sources to make articles of clothing.

They produced this corresponding video, too.

Other costumes were thoroughly researched and authenticated.

Here’s the Royal Apologist painting the roses red, in accordance with the Queen’s wishes.

Backstage, the cards shuffled around aimlessly when Seven, after calling his bluff, decked the Ace of Spades.

Strictly off the record, it was a challenge for the cast to stay on script while the cameras rolled. However, they pulled through with few revisions and even made the deadline!

The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) formed after the 2016 election and have performed a string of episodes in the American Drama Series. To keep up with new posts, subscribe to this blog (top right column on the home page). For a wide ranging look at new and old material from my studio, please follow along on Instagram and Facebook. And to find out about Salley Mavor’s post-election satire, please read this interview.

35 thoughts on “Wonderland ex-Press

  1. You have done it again! Love all the detail and storyline. I also enjoyed the video of the sewing. Your work is amazing in so many different ways!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has something as perverse as being the Queen of Hearts in his own little fantasy world. Maybe the Russians have something on him………? Pictures? Videos?

  3. So enjoy watching the dolls come to life and those costumes are amazing. Your talent on these are wonderful hugs, Linda

  4. That is BRILLIANT!!! So creative. The best. ❤Love it. Although I most definitely do not love the circumstances that motivated the Wee Folks Players to don their (adorable!) costumes for this play. Depressing and terrifying.

    But, thank you, Sally, for the joy and humor your little folks lend to this previously unimaginable situation.

  5. This parody of Lewis Carroll is fabulous. The characterization is excellent and the costumes are definitely top drawer! Your foray into political satire is amazing.

  6. There are more than a few days when I feel as though we have fallen through a rabbit hole into an alternate universe.
    I think you might have meant “cutting room floor,” not flour.

  7. Hail to the maker of the costumed characters whose nimble fingers weave the magic out of scraps of felt, thread and fabric! Hip Hip Hurray! Salley, you’ve outdone yourself again. Also, the production of the film was top notch and the music was perfect. Can’t wait to see a Putin doll someday.

  8. Love the latest installment! You and Rob must be having so much fun as you work out your frustrations! The Mad Hatter must be hiding in there somewhere!

    • Thanks Mary. Yes Rob and I have some interesting dinner conversations about how the news story of the day could be interpreted in wee theater. The Alice stories certainly have a lot of possibilities!

  9. Your exquisite embroidery, character adaption and sense of humorous commentary is sorely needed right now. Thank you for your creative and “resistive” work!

  10. What an extraordinary amount of time and care – research, and skill in miniature work of a very high calibre – goes into an episode such as this. On top of that, you are making such delicate intricate beauty out of, well, a sour’s ear of a situation … Loved the video – making it demonstrates another strength of your resistance – holding firm, by holding together, while creatively holding back (from less creative expressions): clearly a good partnership you have there! Stunning work: the blackwork stitchery of the card tabards took my breath away. And the storyline makes so much fun out of so much that appals. You are a treasure.

  11. Your creations and wit continue to delight me! I’m glad you are doing these so that we can find a bit of humor amidst these trying times. I love the 5 of spades painting the white roses red! Don’t let anyone deter you from this wonderful creative expression! 🌻

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement. As for not being deterred, the art is in charge here. So far, no amount of shaming, scolding and other attempts to silence me have been successful.

  12. I’m sure glad you are having such fun with this subject.
    Your detail work is exquisite!!
    Keep it up. I love it!

  13. Off with their heads indeed! Wow Sally, youve out done yourself on this one…its marvelous!
    Your wonderful images say it all…..and frump looks fitting dressed as the Queen of Hate…oh sorry…. I meant Hearts, having his daily hissy fit.

    • Thanks Joanna. Good question — I make one head for each character and reuse them on different bodies, or just cut off their clothes and make new outfits on the same body. For instance Trump has several bodies; blue suit, Pinocchio, Henry the 8th and the Red Queen. Oh, and there’s the twitter bird body, too.

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