Flat Earth Society

With Cabinet and Adviser picks, the new administration lays out its science policy.








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57 thoughts on “Flat Earth Society

  1. I love this satire in fiber! I have made a wool felt
    Trump voodoo doll for my son for Christmas.
    For every cabinet post he’s getting another pin.

  2. I love this Trump doll! He is a Flat Earther! I hope now that there is proof of the Russian government was messing around with our election that maybe there will be some justice. We are in uncharted waters!
    PS Love the way his hair came out!

  3. Thanks for starting my day with a smile! Now if we could only create a wee time machine to send him back to the eara he’d be happiest in. This kind of sly gentle satire has the power to reach some folks immune to angry ranting (not that I’m shorting the value of righteous anger).

  4. Thank you Salley! Totally unexpected from you and I love it! Brought a smile whilst perusing the scary news I was reading this morning. I will refer to to the new administration as this from now on!

  5. OMG! You hit it right on the head. 🙂 I’m so pleased to see fiber work being used as a satirical medium. So cheering in a time of anxiety. 🙂

  6. Excellent craftsmanship, as always. You give political satire a whole new venue. And how very insightful to caricature Trump as Henry Tudor VIII. So appropriate to the personality. Congratulations from the frozen prairies of Canada.

  7. Perfect! But didn’t you feel a wee bit queasy creating his face and hair? Just having to look at his image so closely… Brave and talented woman, I adore your work.

  8. When you have a business, I think it is best to stay out of politics. Making fun of Trump is not funny. Did you do the same when Obama was elected? I am now sorry I purchased your items. Your book I purchased is going into my recycle bin. I feel sorry for you.

    • I definitely agree, there’s too much hatred in this world, it only creates negativity
      which is so devastating. We should unite and try to work together. I’m so concerned that parents are teaching their children to hate, it’s wrong, how will
      they conduct their lives as adults.

      • Thank you for expressing your opinion. I believe that hate speech and political satire serve very different purposes. Hate speech causes fear and erodes a civil society, whereas political satire holds elected leaders accountable for their actions. And how are we going to make it through the next 4 years without satire?

    • Dedra, I accept that some, like yourself will not appreciate my political satire. I am not just a business, but an artist who is following a creative path and sometimes the 2 impulses clash. The not so docile fairies are imploring me to speak out through art, so I must abide.

  9. Tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Haven’t laughed like this since I saw the Nasty Fairy! Keep it up…we need all the laughs we can get. Counting on you, Salley, to keep us in Stitches!

  10. If this ever comes up for sale.. I hope I have the money to purchase it Salley.. I am at a lost for words on your talent..Amazing!
    GOD Help Us All.

  11. Where were you during the Obama/Hillary administration?? Would have loved to see what you would have done with then as well. As I get older, I get so frustrated at the ineptness and character of our leaders and marvel at how they could’ve gotten elected when I see so much better people in our local state government (at least, in my state). Great stuff – looking forward to what else you come up with. I’m sure Trump is already inspiring many other artists.

  12. Politics aside, Salley, I’ve been a fan of yours for several years. Must admit, however, your current expressions in art have been good for my post election slump.

  13. Perfect in every detail, thought through execution. Best thing – you’re causing contagious creative thinking. I’m imagining a little Trump Tower, complete with a Heraldic flag and pole on top, the flag of course to be raised and lowered depending on his presence. A matching set on the little White House of course!

  14. Love the “Flat Earth Society” theme, made me laugh out loud. I so appreciate your sense of humor and hoping that in the future your going to introduce some more dicey Trump aka ftrump characters.

  15. I worked at Plimoth Plantation for 12 years making 17th century reproduction English clothing. The bombastic style of wealthy men’s clothing in this era is the perfect, costume for our president elect.So much cloth and embellishment to cover an empty empty soul.

  16. Brilliant! The reference to the Flat Earth Society is very witty. Too bad it is so close to the truth. I just saw Trump with Kayne West on CNN this morning. Kayne would also be a great subject…

  17. OMG! You are too much! Love, love, love this! And the Flat World . . . sheer perfection. Thanks you for a laugh out loud moment!

  18. With the travesty we call Trump, humor will be the only way to handle the next four year. There’s still plenty of anger there but a good laugh diffuses the situation.

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