Coffee break

The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) are back with another installment in the American Drama Series.This week’s episode is set in a cozy mid-century style kitchen and stars the Leading Man and his Alt-Right Hand Man.

Opening Scene: The morning sun streams in the window, as two men have a heart-to-heart over percolated coffee. Waxing philosophical about the meaning of life, they discuss their favorite books and share hopes and dreams for the future:
Leading Man: “Is it all going according to plan?”
Alt-Right Hand Man: “Yes, the deconstruction of the administrative state is underway.” (quote by Stephen Bannon, Conservative Political Action Conference, 2017)


During the break, the actors complained about the stale white bread, remarking that they prefer a healthy diet of fresh multi-grain and pumpernickel slices.


The prop team scoured second hand stores for nostalgic items to dress the kitchen set, evoking an earlier, simpler time. To complete the scene, they also procured a copy of Alt-Right Hand Man’s instruction manual, The Art of War.

overcoffee-1-of-1-2Here’s a reflective candid shot through the window…


and here’s one of the Leading Man’s understudy, during a pensive moment, while he waited in the wings (below).

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30 thoughts on “Coffee break


  2. LOVE your art work — whether it’s satire or for children’s books!

    Now you might have to do a version of the “White House Correspondent’s Dinner” with Trump attending! lol

    My question — Can he be impeached?

    Have a good weekend!!

  3. A “pensive” moment….that was inspired writing! Love it all. I suppose you could do a fairy post with the fairies contemplating whether it’s safe to come out yet. (It’s not).

  4. Oh Salley you make my day. Love the doll’s house set too !! I am making Paper Dolls galore. Are we retreating from too much REALITY? Keep up this lovely stuff- a glimmer of sanity amidst the all too real madness.

  5. Love your satire Salley and love your props, especailly that dolls house. Looking into the USA from outside it is all a little frightening. One of our Children’s book Authors, Mem Fox, who wrote the Possum Magic series got caught up in all this when she was visiting to give a lecture. Her Books were deemed ‘subversive’. She did get an apology, but like a lot of us, questions if she will visit again.

  6. You outdid yourself this time. Your attention to detail is amazing. You are spot on in your depictions. Thank you for your talent, your heart, and your willingness to speak out.

  7. Salley, Your attention to detail is amazing. You are spot on in your observations. Thank you for your art, your passion, and your persistence. Artists have an unexpected canny way of portraying the truth. Thank you!

  8. Thanks, Salley, your work is inspiring and one of the few “political” items I am even able to face these days. Love the sets –

    • Yes, a friend asked how I could stand to look at photos and recreate these characters without feeling sick. I think of the process as a way to control the story and add my own twist to a very unsettling narrative. For me, playing with dolls and dollhouses is proving to be good medicine.

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