Abraham’s Lament

The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) take a pause from high drama to bring you a present day interpretation of Abraham Lincoln’s frequently quoted and insightful words. Reflecting the pensive mood of this scene, the one man (and Twitter bird) show is staged with a minimal naturalistic set.

The makeup department used reference photos to create a likeness to Mr. Lincoln and the wardrobe mistress made their first stove pipe hat…

and the Tweeter-in-chief was appropriately cut down to size.

The Wee Folk Players (They’re a Stitch) formed after the 2016 election and have produced a string of episodes in the American Drama Series. To keep up with new posts, subscribe to this blog (top right column on the home page). And to find out about Salley Mavor’s post-election satire, please read this interview.

16 thoughts on “Abraham’s Lament

  1. As always you are spot on! Abraham Lincoln’s quote captures perfectly what I hope is starting to happen in this country regarding the blue Tweeter. Your stark winter landscape is a perfect backdrop to Abe Lincoln’s comments! Things are bleak these days. This evening on 60 Minutes Benjamin Ferencz 97 year old who prosecuted War Crimes at the Nuremberg Trial number 7 said it well. We can take heart from his words: “People get discouraged. They should remember, from me, it takes courage not to be discouraged.” You can read a transcript of the show at CBSnews.com and 60 Minutes Overtime.
    The people of France have rejected hate and division. Let’s hope we learn from them.
    Thank you for your beautiful attention to detail and your beautiful work.

  2. Really enjoyed this one. You wonder what Mr. Lincolns reactions would be after listening to the Tweetie bird in chief? Maybe he would borrow Teddy Roosevelts “Big Stick” and start beating the bushes to scare the beastie away.

  3. Dear Sally, Rob, and all the creators/contributors to this EPIC series:
    Thank you!! Somehow, Sally’s weekly blog got shifted into my Junk folder (!) where I just found it – all of the episodes – today. What a heartening, dear series you have produced! I can hardly express my gratitude and delight at finding such creative and kindred spirits. After having going through the first 3 stages of grief, I am just inching toward the 4th with apprehension and distrust. Thank you all for virtually holding my hand with your immensely talented hands and hearts.
    In gratitude, Cathryn in Corvallis, OR

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