Boston Children’s Hospital Installation

I’m excited to announce that a winter themed display full of my wee folk characters is on view until March 15th at Boston Children’s Hospital, which has been named the country’s #1 pediatric hospital for 9 years in a row.
UPDATE: Good news! The show has been extended until March 27th.

The 8 ft. long case is located in the Mini-Museum in the Hale lobby, not far from the main entrance to the hospital at 300 Longwood Ave., Boston, Massachusetts. The exhibit, which is sponsored by the Art Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is for patients and their families, staff, and visitors to enjoy.

I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to show my work in the hospital and hope that it provides a bit of comfort and joy to the children and their families who pass by on their way to appointments and treatments.

The snow scene is populated with sample dolls from the Winter Play chapter of my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures. The book includes instructions for making the dolls and stands like the ones I used in this scene.

After being invited to show my work and consulting with the hospital’s art program manager, I drew up this sketch that showed how I envisioned the display case. We agreed that placing the 3-dimensional snow scene at child height on the bottom shelf was important.

I constructed wood and chicken wire supports for the snow bank and trees, which I tested out on the big oak table in my studio. Bayberry branches, with their densely packed branches are the perfect scale for a scene like this.

For the free-standing trees, I made weighted stands from plastic wire spools and a stack of metal washers, which I padded with stuffing and covered with white felt.

This video shows the practice set-up of the winter scene in my studio.

Snow scene practice set-up in studio

I packed everything up and drove to Boston to set up the scene. Some of the figures aren’t really dressed for cold weather, but they wanted to come along anyway!

Also in the case, above the snow scene set up, are printed enlargements of Frosty Morning, Winter Play (from Felt Wee Folk) and Snow. All 3 are available as cards in my shop.

Here’s a video of the installation in Boston Children’s Hospital.

Snow Scene Display at Boston Children’s Hospital

Most of the figures and houses are from other projects, so I was able to reuse them for this display. I did make something new, though – an adaptive sled for riders with disabilities. I took lots of photos of the process of creating the sled, which I’ll share in a future post.

I’ve already been contacted by several people who encountered the exhibit while going to a doctor’s appointment with their child or grandchild. Hearing their reactions warms my heart and makes it feel like the effort was worth it! If you’re in the area, please stop by the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Mini Museum.

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27 thoughts on “Boston Children’s Hospital Installation

  1. Salley, your work is so wonderful. I’m sure the children and all visitors will really enjoy this display.
    Thank you for sharing your craft with all of us!

  2. Sally every time I get an email from you I am in awe of your genius and what you achieve. It is always an absolute joy to receive your updates and look upon your work. Such intricate details of all the wee folk. I look at them and look at them again and again and again never tiring and always noticing something I missed before. Sooooo clever, so beautiful. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing.

  3. This is so beautiful ! All the detail is so intricate. This will bring a smile to all those who see it, especially the children !



  5. Your work is jaw dropping amazing! Thank you for sharing your phenomenal creativity. I’m sure that the wee folks put smiles on a lot of faces of all ages! Thank you!

  6. I enjoy your work and have made some crude efforts to duplicate the dolls. Seeing the display warms my heart. I hope you never get arthritis in your hands!

  7. This is a wonderful display! I’m glad that the children and their families at the Boston Children’s Hospital can see this! You are a wonderful person Salley!
    Janet MacDonald in Canada

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