Little Thing Magazine


I was excited to receive a copy of Little Thing Magazine, a style and fashion quarterly, which includes an article about my work.  It’s printed in Chinese, with a smattering of English headings, but I think most people will just look at the pictures. The winter issue’s theme is Girls Love Illustration and features a dozen interviews with illustrators from around the world. The magazine is girly for sure, but not in a too cutesy. Its editors do a good job of gathering a sophisticated collection of “beautiful things” to pour over. I’m not sure who it’s aimed at, but there’s definitely a youthful, playful spirit that many people (besides teenage girls) can appreciate.


All that said, I find it peculiar that a publication out of Hong Kong would be so devoid of Asian influence. It oozes European style and the fashion pages show only models that look like they’re straight out of Scandinavian central casting. Besides being perplexed by this incongruity, Little Thing Magazine is chock full of inspiring images and I’m grateful that they reached out to me! Incidentally, a couple of years ago, the magazine featured my friend Mimi Kirchner’s tattooed dolls, which she writes about here.

IMG_4133 IMG_4136 IMG_4140