that brocade peplum bodice


A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of my hand painted with henna on this blog and my Facebook page. The photo was taken at the opening of The Fairy Houses of Beebe Woods exhibit. Questions were asked about the garment I’m wearing, so here are more pictures of “that brocade peplum bodice”.  I made it in the mid 2000’s to wear at the Fairie Festival in Pennsylvania. Rob and I would tow a trailer loaded with a canvas tent, all kinds of odd pieces of wood, display racks, tables, cloths and garlands. The crowd at this event was a perfect match for my fairy kits and cards, as well as my books and we really enjoyed being a part of the festival scene.


It was quite a job setting up the tent and arched doorway. We went for a few years and then I stopped making the kits in order to have time to work on my book, Pocketful of Posies. 


The bodice is made from a heavy brocade fabric and the lining is striped seersucker. For embellishment, I embroidered a wavy chain stitch and added red soutache braid by hand to the black piping. I hand stitched the artificial leaves around the neck and machine sewed leaves to the tabs or piccadils. I can’t remember where the metal rings came from, but they worked well for the laced up red cord in front. Don’t ask how it holds up in the laundry, because, as was common in the olden days, I’ve never washed it.


If you want to make one yourself, the pattern is the Easy Peasant Bodice – front laced sold by The Farthingale.  


Fairie Festival (mud man)

People really have fun coming up with personas  and costumes to wear at the May Day Fairie Festival. This character, “mud man”, obviously took a lot of time figuring out his outfit and makeup a few years ago. This year’s fair will be from April 30th  to May 2nd at Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania.

It  must have taken patience to add the feathers to his beard and the horns look so natural.

He came in my tent and surprised me! He’s wearing one of those great Utilikilts made of work clothes canvas.

What a face! Nice teeth, though.

Fairie Festival (costumes)

People work all winter on their costumes to wear at the May Day Fairie Festival. Not just women and girls wear wings, but dogs and manly looking guys have them, too. These photos show a sampling of characters from around the fair and in my tent in years past.  The Festival will be held from April 30- May 2 this year at Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania. You can see more photos and find out about the festival here.

Fairie Festival (wee folk studio)

Wee Folk Studio went to the May Day Fairie Festival for a few years when we were still making fairy kits. We set up a tent and displayed many fairy related items. There were Blossom fairy kits, Ltd. edition dolls, note cards and books for sale. We don’t sell at fairs anymore, so we won’t be there this year, but I highly recommend going if you are at all interested in fairies and fantasy. The fair will be held April 30 – May 2nd this year at Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania.

Along with the 12 x 15 canvas tent, we transported a trailer full of trees, branches and vines to make an arched entryway. For me, decorating the tent , inside and out was as much an art project as making miniature dolls and illustrations.

Inside our tent, we set up tables and hung ivy and flower garlands. Here I am, early in the display phase, with the tree stump base.

We brought boxes of moss to use around the tree stump display, which I sprayed with water all weekend.

Some customers came in wearing these wonderful bark back packs. They said that they made them at a workshop.

Fairie Festival (masks)

Fairies and other fanciful creatures come to Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania every spring. The 19th annual May Day Fairie Festival will be from April 30 to May 2nd this year. Wee Folk Studio was a vendor at the festival for a few years, when we sold fairy kits. One of the highlights of the weekend is seeing the costumes that people have made to wear at the event. If you live anywhere within driving distance of southern Pennsylvania, go to this fair! You will feel out-of-place unless you wear a costume or at least something celebratory.  We have a lot of pictures, so in the future, I’ll be posting more photos from past festivals. These masks are made by Mythical Designs.

Here are some gorgeous green men who came by our tent in 2005. Their incredible leather masks are made by Fantasy Guild Studios, which will have a booth at the Fairie Festival this year.