that brocade peplum bodice


A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of my hand painted with henna on this blog and my Facebook page. The photo was taken at the opening of The Fairy Houses of Beebe Woods exhibit. Questions were asked about the garment I’m wearing, so here are more pictures of “that brocade peplum bodice”.  I made it in the mid 2000’s to wear at the Fairie Festival in Pennsylvania. Rob and I would tow a trailer loaded with a canvas tent, all kinds of odd pieces of wood, display racks, tables, cloths and garlands. The crowd at this event was a perfect match for my fairy kits and cards, as well as my books and we really enjoyed being a part of the festival scene.


It was quite a job setting up the tent and arched doorway. We went for a few years and then I stopped making the kits in order to have time to work on my book, Pocketful of Posies. 


The bodice is made from a heavy brocade fabric and the lining is striped seersucker. For embellishment, I embroidered a wavy chain stitch and added red soutache braid by hand to the black piping. I hand stitched the artificial leaves around the neck and machine sewed leaves to the tabs or piccadils. I can’t remember where the metal rings came from, but they worked well for the laced up red cord in front. Don’t ask how it holds up in the laundry, because, as was common in the olden days, I’ve never washed it.


If you want to make one yourself, the pattern is the Easy Peasant Bodice – front laced sold by The Farthingale.  


6 thoughts on “that brocade peplum bodice

  1. Love your vest Salley and the tent is amazing! Wish We could have been there, sounds like a delightful festival! I used to love Folkart patterns, don’t know if they still are in existence, will check out The Farthingale for the bodice. You always have the best ideas and blog!

  2. Lynn – Folkart patterns are still available. I don’t recall offhand where they are but I am sure you can just Google the name to find them. Salley, I love all your work – so magical, even after we see the how everything is done. I tried to raise my children with their fair share of the Land of Fairie. Yet, even now, although one child is majorly involved in International Business and the other is on the cusp of becoming a doctor ,every so often a bit of Jules Verne or Stevenson, or a rollicking bit from Gilbert and Sullivan (can a lad be half human and half fairy?) pops up and we are all all off for a ride.

  3. That is the best display tent for a fair I have seen! Love the moss and the wood and the arch! I wish we could have visited while you were doing them.

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