Jurors go for the Birds

Poster - Birds of Beebe Woods

Poster – Birds of Beebe Woods

I am pleased to announce that Birds of Beebe Woods has received the Juror’s Choice Award in the New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilt Exhibition! The show will be on display until August 31st at the Lincoln Center Art Gallery, Fort Collins, CO. 

Posters (pictured above) are available from my Etsy Shop.

In the past year, the original “Birds” has been displayed in Falmouth, MA, Plymouth, MA and Paducah, KY. I’d like to have the piece shown in public in other locations around the country, so that more people can experience the embroidered details up close. I’ll continue to enter it into juried shows before it ages out, since most exhibits have a date of completion requirement. There’s always the question of which shows to enter. My work doesn’t easily fit into a category, so I usually broaden my search to include shows looking for fiber art, illustration, fine crafts, needlework, mixed media, collage and art quilts. I’ve found that a lot of quilt shows have narrow eligibility requirements, so I pass over most of them. I consider the venue, location, prestige and length of the exhibit to determine if it’s worth the expense of shipping a heavy crate. Then, I look at the jurors’ artwork and gauge if they might be receptive to my combination of techniques and style. So much of the selection process comes down to personal taste. To some, the narrative nature of my work comes across as sweet and precious and it doesn’t fit with the other more intellectual artistic explorations. My work is so outside of the abstract and edgy trends found in today’s art and fine craft world. I admit to being oblivious to what’s going on out there and find the art scene perplexing. Instead of trying to fit in, I will continue to do as I’ve always done; let my art lead the way. And as long as I keep making new pieces, I’ll find a way to have them seen in public!

27 thoughts on “Jurors go for the Birds

  1. Congrats, Sally, for the award. All of your work is award worthy, but this is one of the most beautiful in my opinion. Judith

  2. Thanks for this update…sure hope to see The Birds on display somewhere…sometime. The poster is on our porch, along with several other bird-themed treasures. Both my husband and I love the Beebe Birds because of their charm and realism…all done in stitches which is even more appealing. Thank again for your postings…until next time, Pam

  3. Congratulations, your work is really amazing, you deserve the award. I love to see your work, I use to show all the details to my granddaughter, we spend some lovely time with your book Pocketful of poisies. I wish we could see the real work….

    Sandra, from South Brazil

  4. Hello, I just love your work. Another venue to consider are the colleges. I know St. Mary’s University in Winona Minnesota, has an art exhibit going at different times of the year. They have a wonderful fiber show. You could consider doing colleges. St. Mary’s University advertises and sends professional post cards to people in the community. I would love to see your work at a venue. yours truly, Shelley Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 15:40:06 +0000 To: sduffy55@hotmail.com

  5. I’m so glad that your kind of work is given the recognition!
    Done by hand, ‘time-consuming’ (i.e. done for the love of it, ‘priceless’), each next stitch inspired and developed by hand-eye-needle coordination. We used to call the broader genre ‘handwork’. What you have developed is unique, and I’m so glad you’ve been able to keep doing what you do.

  6. Well done. I hope some day you can exhibit in the Philadelphia area. I know what you mean about art trends. “Intellectual” is generous at times.
    I wonder if you’d fit in at Winterthur? Visiting there many years ago, the docent make quite a point of saying they are a research institution, and implied that allowing the public to tour the galleries was about as appealing as letting homeless people camp out on the lawn. I think they have seen the light and now seem to actively court the general public, and even have family activities to encourage children to come and play. Your fairies would feel at home in the Enchanted Woods, your birds in the extensive gardens, and you’d appreciate their Textiles and Needlework Collection.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Cath. It’s interesting that you mention Winterthur, as I picked them out as a good match for my work a few years ago. I sent them a proposal for the Pocketful of Posies show, but got no response. Right now, I’m too busy to find new venues for the Posies show, but if something falls into my lap…

  7. I’m so happy I got to see this in person in NY, it is so life like and realistic it deserves all
    the awards you can garner. Congratulations! It is a lovely piece of work.

    Happy Sewing

  8. Congratulations ! This piece is amazing ,the birds are very lifelike .It’s nice to see you get recognition for all the hours you spent carefully creating Birds of Beebe Woods .

  9. CONGRATULATIONS SALLEY! With every post you continue to amaze and delight me.
    You are living a life I can only dream and hope for in the next one..
    GOD Bless,

  10. Good for you Salley. In today’s world it is so easy to go for what’s popular! Stick to your guns and be you.better to be admired for being you than trying to fit in to a category.I find the quilting world to be terribly conservative. The Art World is just plain MAD in my view.Your gentle works are a breath of fresh air.

  11. Salley, your feelings and sentiments about your beautiful art work are so inspiring. I saw the series in upstate New York and hope to come up to the Cape this fall to see them again. It’s wonderful that you are making original pieces entirely by hand. So much of modern art and craft is surface and illusion, but your art has depth and character. You also use social media to great effect–thank you for sharing your process with the rest of us.

  12. I have come back over and over again to linger over your wondrous art. I applaud that you go confidently in your own direction and don’t try to court the fickle Court of the art scene. You have made magic.

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