Fairie Festival (costumes)

People work all winter on their costumes to wear at the May Day Fairie Festival. Not just women and girls wear wings, but dogs and manly looking guys have them, too. These photos show a sampling of characters from around the fair and in my tent in years past.  The Festival will be held from April 30- May 2 this year at Spoutwood Farm in Pennsylvania. You can see more photos and find out about the festival here.

3 thoughts on “Fairie Festival (costumes)

  1. Salley,

    Any time I see a post from you I know I will be enchanted. Dressing up was my absolute favorite pastime when I was a little girl. To get to do it as an adult would be so much fun. I live on the west coast and the closest event we have is the Rennaisance Faire, however, no fairies!

    Thank you once again for sharing.


  2. Wow–those costumes represent a lot of work and creativity. They are quite wonderful! It looks like a fun event. The people who attend must adore your work!

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