another hand-stitched corporate logo


After stitching the Facebook widget for this blog (see how I made it here), I couldn’t resist the temptation to personalize my Etsy shop widget that’s on the blog’s home page side bar. To make my version recognizable, I decided to keep the logo’s ubiquitous white letters on a field of orange. It was the first time I’ve tried forming wire letters with serifs, so it was a bit more tricky than writing out flowing script like I’ve done on the banners, which can be seen here.

etsywidget5WMAfter covering and wrapping the wire with variegated white and light pink embroidery floss, I gathered scraps of different shades of orange-colored felt.

etsywidget6WMI arranged the scraps like puzzle pieces and stitched them together for the background. Then, I made some additional words — “my” and “shop” out of wire and variegated turquoise floss.


It needed some jazzing up, so I added french knots and seed beads to the background.


In this close-up you can see how I wrapped the letters.


I’ve recently added some new items to my Etsy shop, so please visit!


17 thoughts on “another hand-stitched corporate logo

    • Do you mean how did I put this widget on my blog? A widget is an image or button that goes in a side bar of a blog or website and can provide a link to something else. To do it, I followed the directions given by WordPress, my blog host.

  1. I’m sorry to gush, but my goodness you are a wonder! I am amazed at your creativity – even in something as mundane as an Etsy logo. They’ll probably be contacting you to see if they can use it!! It’s terrific. I especially love the pieced background. You really are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your process.

  2. So many people don’t share how they make their logos. Thank you so much for doing so! What a beautiful piece of work!

  3. There are just not enough hours in the day for you, are there?… And, I bet you are never bored.. You OOZE creativity and I am grateful you share. Thank you .. AGAIN.. ncooper

  4. I Love your Etsy shop Salley and now you have a beautiful logo to go along with your very creative shop! Salley, knowing that I am getting your artwork directly from the you the artist or from the designer, and not from a department store is one of my favorite things about Etsy. I love shopping boutiques, craft and flea markets, and small gift shops on the weekend or when I want some girl time…Etsy is one of those places I can stroll around to when the weather is bad or the markets are closed for the season. Thank you for opening your store and keep up your fantastic work.. Will we be seeing fairies for sale soon? I know you’re tired of making them..but I am keeping my fingers crossed you’ll surprise us.

    GOD Bless,

  5. Oh Salley! Corporate logos will never be the same (i.e., boring) now- you’ve tenderized and energized them in your own unique and wonderful way:-)

  6. Salley, your sign is so much fun. I love the texture you added and the pieced background. The letters are amazing! Thank you for teaching us your wonderful techniques! I am excited to see your Etsy Shop!!!

  7. hi sally. i have been following you and your work for years. it is totally inspiring to me! i noticed the wrapped wire on the spool in the first photo of this post…i have been looking for something just like that to use for snowman arms on my appliqued snowmen ornaments. may i ask what it is and where you get it. i like that it kind of looks like twigs, instead of just plain wire. thank you…sandi in maryland

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