leaf crust pie

leafcrustpie1Terry, my cookie making, cake decorating and community sewing project friend gave me some leaf shaped cookie/dough cutters for Christmas. I don’t know the product’s name because I threw out the package and there’s nothing printed on the plastic. Update: see the comments for links to this product. Thanks, readers!

leafcrustpie2They not only cut out the leaf shape, but there’s a press inside that stamps out the leaf design.

leafcrustpie3I cut leaves out of pie crust dough and decorated a blueberry pie top. I usually do a lattice top, but this was more fun.

leafcrustpie4The used the acorn shaped cutter for the last piece of dough, which went in the center.

leafcrustpie5Bake ’til golden brown. Yum, yum!


16 thoughts on “leaf crust pie

  1. These cutters can be purchased at Williams-Sonoma. I have them plus some that are Christmas designs, they are wonderful and fun to use. I even used them with my favorite Susan Branch sugar cookie recipe for Christmas and they worked great, making cookies that were such a nice size. With the impressed designs, they hold colored sprinkles or other decorations really nicely!
    That pie looks delicious!

    • This is awewsome.. I just lost my Canadian Flag metal cutter to rust (yes.. was letting a bowl soak and forgot it got dumped in with the water 😥 . My nephew LOVED using the leaf shape for some weird reason. It actually trumped the reindeer this year.. go figure.

  2. Salley, that pie looks delicious, and the cookie cutters are adorable. I will check Williams Sonoma to see if they still have any, probably Easter and Valentines out now! We used to make lots of decorated cookies for Christmas but lately time just flies and before you know it another holiday rolls around. I always say next year, perhaps this is the year!!! Thanks for sharing! Lynne

  3. Oh, my what a pie! Must find those wonderful cookie cutters, as your pie was beautiful and well as yummy, I am sure!

  4. Mmmmm …. yummy looking pie! We have the same style of cookie cutters, but in the Star Wars theme … perhaps wouldn’t look as ‘pretty’ on top of blueberry pie 🙂 Wendy

  5. S no tenho os cortadores! O resto comigo e minha imaginao. Obrigada por dividir com a gente.


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