I’m on facebook, finally!


It’s taken a long while for me jump into the Facebook craze, mostly because I was afraid that my compulsive side would be totally smitten and I would spend way too much time at the computer. I’m very protective of my time working in the studio, or else I wouldn’t ever make anything new! Well, my (professional) Facebook page has been out there for a few months and I’m having fun! I like how easy it is to share other artists’ work as well as show what I’m making. With both a Facebook page and this blog to keep up, I have to be careful not to let it become too much of a time sink. So far, it’s manageable, but I really have to work at maintaining a balance between creating and writing about creating. The hibernation months of winter are my most productive, so it’s back to the sewing table (or chair near the wood stove) for me!

The hard-edged graphic logo didn’t seem to go with my style, so I just added a new hand sewn “Facebook” button to the right side column of the home page.  Here’s how I made it:


I enlarged and traced the Facebook logo and cut out the letters with a blade. It’s difficult to write on felt, so I turned it over, so that the letters were backwards and traced the letters on a piece of fusible interfacing. I fused the interfacing to a piece of blue felt. Then, I cut out the letter shapes with scissors and sewed a blanket-stitch around the edges.


The interfacing helped give the felt some structure, so that it kept its shape during the stitching process. I added more stitches, creating a thicker outline.


After all of the letters were cut out and stitched, I started making a wavy chain-stitched pattern around the word.

Curly ques showed up– It’s impossible for me to sew a straight line!


I sewed the blue felt on top of a piece of white cotton batting material and sewed blue beads inside the a, e, b and o’s.


Please check out my Facebook page! It is developing its own flavor and spice, with a sprinkle of this and a dash of that.

To keep up with new posts, please subscribe to this blog (top right column on the home page). Your contact info will not be sold or shared. If you’d like to see more frequent photos tracking the projects in my studio, please follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram


11 thoughts on “I’m on facebook, finally!

  1. We have similar doubts about Facebook. I am on it, but I try to keep it at a minimum. I have already “liked” your page and enjoy reading what you post. I don’t have a page. Hmmm… I wonder if I should.

  2. I love reading my e-mail from you. I’m going to hop on over to your Page. I too have a Page – seems the thing is to get so many “likes” – I always ask for comments though – that’s what counts and hopefully a few relationships.

  3. I totally agree about Facebook, it took me ages to warm up to it, I have grandkids so it is a good way to keep in touch with all the young people. I love your little facebook banner, only you could do something so adorable and unique. Love, love your work and follow you on your blog faithfully, your creativity is just amazing. Thanks for being there and being an inspiration.

  4. I was surprised one day to see a post of yours shared between friends of mine, they had obviously picked up on the proverb you printed onto one of your wee folks posters by the fact I had liked it and so it proved to be a good way of sharing your work.

    I love that facebook logo you created

  5. Yes, I feel the same about the time-wasting potential of facebook and that’s one of the many reasons why I persist in totally refusing to it, or any other big, general social-networking site. I’m on things like Stitchin’ Fingers, but the others are still a big ‘no’ for me. I would consider using them for any professional endeavours, but that’s just a pipe dream for now anyway.=)

    I like your logo too – very good!

  6. I like how you personalized ‘facebook’. Thanks for sharing your technique. I used to be on facebook, but found it to be almost a craving to see comments & likes to what I posted … and so, a big time waster. Also I became more and more uncomfortable with the information being ‘shared’. I’m enjoying blogging much more 🙂 Wendy

  7. Salley:

    You continue to amaze me with your creativity and the Facebook banner is a case in point. It’s so you and, thus, so perfect. I loved keeping tabs on you and Polly during your “cool” adventure to Antarctica. So taken was I by your images that I began to consider a trip there myself, which I had not previously entertained. My big adventure to date has been up close and personal encounters with gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Thanks for giving me some new ideas. And, of course, Happy New Year!

    Cathy Gronewold

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