Closeups (sleep)


This close-up of a wee milkweed baby is also pictured in my newest card, which you can see in my Etsy shop here. She’s less than 2″ long.

ITHmoonnightWMThe best bedtime stories end with a sleeping child. This is a detail from the last illustration from my 2001 picture book, In the Heart.

gotobedWM“Go to bed second, a golden pheasant.” detail from Pocketful of Posies.

birdasleepWMThis sleeping bird is from my first book, The Way Home. Read about the making of this book here.

PFOPpg37WMLittle Boy Blue is asleep under the haystack. detail from Pocketful of Posies.

PFOPpg55WM“To bed, to bed”, says sleepy head. Detail from Pocketful of Posies.

sleepingonstoneWMA slumbering fairy on the warm rocks. He’s 2″ long.

PFOPsleepWMOne shoe off, the other shoe on, deedle, deedle, dumpling, my son John. Detail from Pocketful of Posies.


Are the children in their beds? Detail from Wee Willie Winkie board book.

11 thoughts on “Closeups (sleep)

  1. Я восхищаюсь Вашими прекрасными,душевными работами!!!Столько труда.,терпенеия …вдохновления и любви вложено в каждую работу! Удачи и творческих успехов Вам!

  2. This blog is perfect for winter time…as well as this season of flu! Even with a flu shot, I have been doing extra sleeping and laying around, just like these dear “Wee Folks”, as I tried to deal with a mutant form of the flu perhaps. The malaise and lethargy has been the hardest part since I like being busy. But then again, it’s the perfect opportunity to get inspired as one tries to emulate Salley! Thanks again for all your amazing blogs and inspirational ideas.

  3. They are just precious, Salley! I am going to your Etsy shop to see what you have there. It is such fun to see the work of your hands and heart.

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