Berry Family dolls

I brought the Berry Family outside for an airing. They’re a bit moth-eaten–a downside to working with wool. For the last couple of winters, I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing all of my felt and felt clothed dolls outside when the temperature dips below freezing, hoping to kill any moths.

I made the mother, father (4″ tall) and baby members of the Berry Family in 2005, as a Ltd. edition of 25. They are based on the patterns from my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk.  All of my Ltd. edition dolls are currently sold out and I won’t be making any more.

The Berry Family, Ltd. edition 2005

9 thoughts on “Berry Family dolls

  1. I work with wool, a lot and haven’t had problems with moths, so far.
    I do try and move it around once in awhile and keep it in an open area.
    When I am not sure, I rewash it, though I am ending up with more felted wool;)
    Try a little fabreeze on the pieces, moths don’t like clean smells.


  2. The Berry Family doesn’t look too bad. I have a number of dolls in my collection with moth holes. Yes, it is a downside with wool. I store a lot of wool with cedar or in cedar.

    Unfortunately, New England and moths go hand in hand. I am glad the days of moth balls are gone. I won’t tell you how many pieces of my own clothing I have with a tiny hole here or there, though!

  3. I count myself as a proud collector of your fantastical dolls and faeries. So beautiful and so sweet! I cannot wait for the next one.

  4. Hi again Salley…glad you alerted me to be mindful of moths damaging the Wee Folks. I probably would not have considered that to be a concern and will certainly be more careful when tending to my “brood”. I think the Berry family is looking quite good and probably grateful to be out in the sun and air for a bit! Good to think that you might be making some more of your wonderful “little people” in the future…will be on the lookout. Thanks again!

  5. I love this little family of dolls. I started my collection with Pansy (the last fairy) and missed out on some of your earlier fairies. If you go on a long trip and get inspired to make another family, I would treasure it. Or I can buy raffle tickets or when I’m done with my studies I can make one for a winter project. One day I will have a family like this.

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