doll making supplies sent off

I sent a box of doll making supplies to Iowa today. Instead of worrying about losing my luggage during the flight changes and being without the necessary workshop materials, I decided to mail them instead.

I can easily replace missing clothes, but I wouldn’t be able to buy these materials at short notice, especially my precious plant dyed wool felt. There’s pipe cleaners, embroidery floss, wool fleece and acorn caps, too. Everything you’ll need to make the little dolls from my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk.

I’ll be using these supplies in a doll making workshop on Saturday, May 21st at the Muscatine Art Center in Muscatine, Iowa. Please contact the center if you’d like to come. I’ve already painted some doll heads, so we can spend as much time as possible constructing the figures and sewing their clothes. I’ll take pictures of our creations and show them to you!

17 thoughts on “doll making supplies sent off

  1. That’s a very well planned idea, sending them ahead. Do the doll faces come already painted with their faces? Is there a resource for these faces?

  2. That is a good idea, something you can’t do without.
    I was able to get your book from the library. I have seen the wood beads at the craft store, so something other’s should be able to find and paint themselves.


    • Helen, Liz and any one else in Connecticut,
      I’d love to see you this fall when my show comes to UConn. I’ll be giving a talk at the Conn. Children’s Book Fair on November 12th.-don’t know the time yet.

  3. This is great you give workshops. There is quite an art to painting the faces and with lots of practice I feel I got quite good at it thanks to your book of course.

  4. *sigh* Iowa visit to Iowa…but am afraid I must wait til you venture to the far northwest, a much bumpier state. Your participants are soooo lucky! Have fun!

  5. I am so thrilled to attend your workshop on Saturday. You are so talented. I nearly fell over when I saw that you are coming to Iowa.

  6. I am so sad! I live in Muscatine, and before I found out about the class, I had signed up to go to a class in Mineral Point, WI! I saw the exhibit today when I took my grandson to the art center for a toddler’s art class. It was stunning! You just cannot describe it in words. I was talking with Katy and she showed me this box. I am so sorry to miss it. I did buy the book. I see that you have written an instruction book. Will you have any copies with you. I will be home Sunday, and I plan to come to the book signing to get my copy signed.

  7. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday in Muscatine, Iowa. Your workshop was wonderful. It was a pleasure to be with such a great group of creative women. I admire your art!!! I treasure the little fairies I made with your help. Thank you, Sally!!!

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