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Are you wondering what to do while you’re hunkered down at home, staying away from crowds?  I must admit that the concept of “social distancing” isn’t very different from my normal life, so it’s not much of an adjustment. But, I realize that closed schools and work places, as well as travel and event cancellations, is a hardship for many of you. So, to help keep your mind off the worrisome situation, how about immersing yourself in the virus-free fairy and wee folk world? In this post you will find a source list of materials to make projects from my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk. There are also lots of photos and videos that I hope will inspire you to make your own wee world!

When I posted this idea on Instagram, several people, including a self-described introvert, commented that they were already in making mode:

  • “‘I adore your wee felt folk book and actually hunkered down yesterday and made a little jester. I’ve decided to make more to give to friends during this crazy time💕
  • ‘What a lovely idea! I admit, I’m more worried about craft supplies than toilet paper.”
  • “Introvert here reporting from a cozy studio! I secretly love a good excuse to stay in. I’ve got your book and will be making some fairies while we bunker down!!” 

Many of the supplies needed to make the dolls, such as embroidery floss, paint, brushes, unvarnished wood beads, pipe cleaners and faux flowers can be found at craft stores. Online sources for the book, wool felt, acorn caps, and other materials are listed below:

Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures, with bonus playing cards and flower skirts & wings

I’m keeping my Etsy shop stocked with wool fleece fairy hair and flower skirts & wings.

The dolls and their clothing are portable, so you can bring them where ever you want to settle in.

This is my work table on a random day, the way it really looks.

My Work Table on a random day

I made the Frost Family for a benefit raffle a few years ago. See more details here.

This is a little experimental video from a few years ago.

Of course, all of the dolls pictured in this post were made years ago and the raffles are long past. I just wanted to show you a variety of possibilities.

The Oakley Family was made for another benefit raffle. See the process of making them here.

And yet another fairy family raffle, which you see in more detail here.

I hope that the wee folk help keep your spirits up through this ordeal. Please stay safe!

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16 thoughts on “a virus-free wee world

  1. Hi Salley. Thank you for the encouragement for us all. I’m sure it will help. Best wishes from Sandra, from North Yorkshire, UK

  2. My daughter sent this photo from day #1 of “social distancing“ at home with her two daughters, Aoife age 4 and Niamh age 2. I gifted her your book and they are in love with your fairies.

    Take care, Nancy Harlow

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  3. Oh thank you so much for being real about your work space. Sometimes I feel like I must be doing it wrong as the chaos unfolds and follows me as I move from crazy mess to clean spot until no clean spot can be found unless I stand up and see the little patch I was sitting in🤣

    Thank you for sharing such inspiration! We are all in this together.

  4. Much to my regret I have had to stop making wee folk because the process of wrapping the pipe cleaners-that pinch/pull motion necessary to maintain tension- has resulted in extreme burning at the base joints of my thumbs. The look is specific, and I have never been able to find a satisfactory substitute. Is there anything you have ever seen that can be used? Does anyone make and sell the undressed headless body forms? I would love to have a stash at the ready, as I work with children in a hospital setting who absolutely adore the process of dressing and finishing them, but lack the skills, patience, and actual time to be able to both make the skeleton and then finish the doll. I myself started making these as a child in the 1960’s (a version of them, anyway;) and really, really miss them. If you, or your any of your readers can pass along any ideas, or sources I can mine, I would be forever grateful. Thanks,Kathy

      • There is nothing like the floss wrapped pipe cleaner body forms anywhere. Anywhere. I have been looking for quite some time and really no longer hold out hope. It did occur to me that if anyone would know it would be Sally, or one of her many devoted followers. But I had no real expectation of success. This was just me dotting the last ‘i’ -so to speak. Thanks for trying.

      • Hi Kathy,
        I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to find pre-wrapped pipe cleaner bodies. It must be frustrating to have to adjust what you can and can’t do with your hands, especially since it sounds like you’ve gotten such joy out of it. Perhaps there is a kind soul out there who will help you out!

  5. Salley, your wee people are my most favorite of all the pipe cleaner dolls. I have your book and have had a great time using your techniques. Many thanks for all the great sharing you do.

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