This little piggy stayed home

We’re all homebodies now, like this little piggy, as we try to keep the corona-virus from spreading even further than it already has. In searching for comforting images to share during these unsettling times, I noticed that there are an awful lot of scenes with characters in domestic settings in my picture book, Pocketful of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes. In many cases, the people and animals are safe inside, peering out of windows, which seems to reflect our collective experience right now. So, as you shelter in place, please take a moment to escape into this warm and fuzzy world, where everything is all stitched up, safe and sound.

This coming fall, it will be 10 years since Pocketful of Posies was published. The book is a favorite baby gift, but it’s really for all ages, especially now, when we all want to feel safe and secure. Personally autographed copies are available in my shop here.

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18 thoughts on “This little piggy stayed home

  1. thank you for sharing these adorable little people and animals. I am always amazed at the details you give them.

  2. Hi Salley, I think your little houses would be just perfect to be self isolating in. Hehe. Thanks so much. Susie

  3. Thank you Salley I’m going to pass this email along. I heard a little kid laughing and
    scootering with his dad today while I walked my dog. We were in a vacant parking lot – it was so nice to hear a child’s laughter again!

  4. I have given this book over and over again with a baby quilt for newborns. this is a delightful book and well loved by children and adults.

  5. Thank you for these, so appropriate and sweet!!! For those of us who are creative, staying home is not such a hard thing, actually cleared off my sewing counter where my machine lives for the first time in way too long though the bulk of my work is by hand, still need my machine to sew the bear bodies, feels so good. Take care and thank you for sharing your special works!!

  6. Dear Salley,These images are so very lovely! I have given this book as a gift to one or two relatives when they had children, and it was wonderful to revisit these images again. They’re comforting, warm, and delightful. Thank you.Sending sincere well wishes to you and your loved ones.Warmly,Elena

  7. As an 82 year old woman, I take great delight in your wonderful adaptations of the nursery rhymes. Thank you Sally, you continue to ‘feed’ my soul!

  8. Your work always inspires me and helps me to feel all warm and fuzzy. I just love your post title! Makes staying home sound kind of whimsical!

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