Blueberry and Lavender notecards reprint!

 Lavender Fairy note card

Lavender Fairy note card

I am happy to bring back two note cards that I first introduced 15 years ago. Please note that the watermark will not appear on the cards. At one time, the Wee Folk Studio collection of Blossom Fairy cards included a couple dozen different depictions of fairies captured in all kinds of natural settings. While I don’t want to reprint them in that kind of scale, I thought I’d reprise two of the most popular cards, which feature blue fairies. The photos were taken as slides 15 years ago, back in the days of film cameras.


I remember making the little basket for the Blueberry Fairy and setting her up in one of our blueberry bushes in the garden. And I found the lovely patch of lavender at a farm less than a mile from my house. The Lavender Fairy had to be balanced on the stem just right, while I snapped the picture. They were very good models who make a return appearance in my new book, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures!

Blueberry and Lavender note cards are available in packs of 4 and can be purchased from my Etsy Shop. Wholesale inquiries form stores are welcome.

Blueberry Fairy note card

6 thoughts on “Blueberry and Lavender notecards reprint!

  1. How beautiful Salley. You have such a talent. Thank you for sharing your designs with us so my grandchildren can experience your incredible imagination. I so love my Enchanting Projects book and the wonderful fairies that adorn the pages.

  2. So loved meeting you yesterday and hearing your delightful voice and laughter as you entertained the audience with your creative story! Today my husband and I were scooping up acorns outside an antique center, thinking of you with every one! Thanks for all you share. We can’t wait to cuddle up with our granddaughters and your “Pocketful of Posies” . . . a treasure indeed! And I am going to “try” and make a little character with the girls if time and patience allot!

  3. Hi Salley! Just had an *aha* moment and idea to promote you in a fun project I occasionally share on my flickr site where I post daily inspirations and visual journaling experiences. Hope you and Rob are ok with this! If not, let me know and I can make it all private! Already people are going crazy with your gorgeous work! Click here to follow the excitement . . . .

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