Fairy skirts and wings


Yeah, more fairies are coming into being! In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a surge in sales of fairy skirts and wings. So, I’ve been resupplying my Etsy Shop to keep up with the demand. The packages contain high quality faux flowers in varying colors that are the right size and shape to make petticoats and wings for 6 fairies. I have not found a source to buy single flower pieces, so just like everyone else, I buy flowers on stems and take them apart. I’m used to scouting them out, like I did during the years when I used to make fairy kits.

As I explain in my book, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures, it’s best to use compound flowers that have multiple petals radiating from the center. Books purchased from my Etsy Shop include flowers to make 2 fairies, along with other goodies. Debbie, from A Child’s Dream let me know that many customers are coming to her shop for wool felt and there’s a lot of interest in their special  Felt Wee Folk Craft Basket of supplies. It’s so wonderful to know that people are using my book and making dolls!


fairy making supplies

fairy making supplies


6 thoughts on “Fairy skirts and wings

  1. The fairies are so adorable and so much fun to make! I have lost track of the number I have made. Love your art, Salley!

    • Thanks for notifying us of this source, but I would caution buyers. I’ve taken a look and they seem to be the flat, stiff kind of flowers used for collage and may not work well for fairy skirts, which need to drape. For that low price, it’s hard to believe that they are of good quality.

  2. It is also SO FANTASTIC that A Child’s Dream stocks so much that we need to make your Felt Wee Folk – not just in their basketful, but also the components of it – I was thrilled to discover this (through one of your posts, Salley) and then had the added pleasure of discovering how good their service is – WOW. I am now so well equipped to work through your book!

  3. So happy to know that your fairy world is growing, they are a joy to make and share. I agree about buying the correct flowers to make the skirts, they have to have the right feel to them and to drape once they are on the little doll. I have spent a long time searching for just the right kind of petals and now have quite a nice stock. Congratulations Salley on the wonderful reception of your new book.

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