Wee Folk centerpiece

In the last post, I mentioned making a centerpiece for the Pocketful of Posies book release party at Highfield. Since I forgot to take pictures of the finished setup, here are some shots taken during the construction phase. Many of the dolls were models for projects in my how-to book Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects and were unearthed for this event.

I arranged driftwood and logs that the wee folk could sit on and climb up. Old, dried up bayberry bushes, with their compact spread of small branches make good wee folk scale trees.

I drilled holes in the wood for small screw eyes, which served as anchors for the dolls. I felt like a prison guard, shackling their tiny ankles and tying their waists to the screw eyes with wire. But, it was to protect them from easy escape into the hands of big folk.

One vertical log needed a rope ladder, so I gathered some possible materials; jute rope and twine, old fishing line, a woven wooden slat place mat .

I selected the fatter jute rope and pulled out a wooden slat from the place mat. To make the rungs, I fed broken off wood sections through the rope and lashed them in place with an improvised knot. I wished we had learned knot tying in girl scouts. You never can tell when you’ll need outdoor survival skills!

Here’s Jack climbing up the finished rope ladder. See Jack climbing the bean stalk here.

Here are some characters from Felt Wee Folk.

Princess from “Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects”

Jester from “Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects”

Hansel & Gretel and the Witch from “Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects”

And a grandpa with his grandchildren. It sure was fun playing with these dolls again and bringing them on a short outing to my exhibit at Highfield.

16 thoughts on “Wee Folk centerpiece

  1. This is so wonderful! Gee I wish I had found you 30 years ago while raising my kids. No grandkids yet – so no one but ME to enjoy, imagine and love what you have made! Thanks Salley!

  2. What a lovely company of felt folk! They are so charming that even responsible adults would be tempted to pick one up for a closer look.
    I’m glad you had such a well-attended and successful show, I would have loved to be there.

  3. Some years ago when I worked at Borders I made a few Wee Folk from the patterns I bought when I met you in Topsfield at my Needlecraft Guild. I found a beautifully illustrated book cover that I stuffed into my mailbox (a cube about 6″x6″) for a backdrop of scenery and made a little swing for one of the tiny folks. The other two were positioned around the one on the swing. It was enchanting and got a lot of comments from coworkers.
    Luckily I wasn’t getting much mail in there… 😉

  4. Wonderful close up photos of the most charming Wee Folk. That is a great idea to tether them with wire…though I am sure they were miffed. Especially love the ladder!

  5. I recently purchased ‘Wee Felt Folk’ and was delighted to see your post today and to get the opportunity to see some of the dolls again in a different setting. The Jester has stolen my heart! 🙂

  6. I am sorry to say that I have yet to make any of the wonderful beings in your lovely book, which has been cheerfully and patiently sitting on my bookshelf for ages and ages. Maybe this lovely little scene will inspire me 🙂 Makes me want to be four again, and sitting on the floor playing.

  7. I’ve had your “Wee Felt Folks” book for a few years now – it NEVER gets put away. I still only make the unwrapped variety of doll and my grandkids love them. This week while leaving the zoo we found a plethora of large acorns laying on the ground – so of course, I had to hurry home and try a bigger folk.

    Oh, and I have saved on my DVR a portion of The Carol Duval show with you on it.

    Now that I know you have other books!, Well!, I know what the grandkids will be getting for Christmas!

  8. I love how you make the little folk come alive. It amazes me how you continue to create your felt figures with “just right” additions and embellishments. Thanks for posting this part of your display, to help those of us who could not join you at Highfield this time around.

  9. I have ALL your books. I’ve also made quite a few of the projects to the delight of my granddaughter. Salley, your talent and creativity simply amazes me. And I love reading your blogs.

  10. Salley, my copy of Wee Folk has been used so much that it is getting shop worn. When I spent several months with relatives in Norway, I took little supplies and made these dolls for my hostesses. It was such fun to make them fit the interests of the hostess. One had a tiny woodcarved sandwich board, another had a tiny felted scene, another a knitted sweater. It was great fun for all of us! I have also made them for my painting friends. Thank you for sharing your ideas. You are so inspiring!!!!

  11. Thanks to Maya*made, I have found your blog. I’m delighted to get inspiration from your creations more regularly. My son and I discovered one of your nursery rhyme books when he was very little and it was a feast for the eyes! “Wee Felt Folk” is sitting on my shelf from the library right now, acorn caps collected on a recent walk…the inspiration is all falling into place.

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