“Posies” book party at Highfield

Yesterday’s “coming out” party at Highfield for Pocketful of Posies was a big success! My husband Rob took pictures, as it was too hard to talk, sign books and photograph the event. I was so busy and involved with setting up the refreshments, that I forgot to take pictures of the cookies or my centerpiece, which was a tangle of driftwood covered with wee folk dolls. I took pictures during its construction in my studio, so I’ll write the next post about putting the scene together. Here I am, sitting at the desk, signing books. People kept coming, so I didn’t get a chance to walk around and show off my fancy Ojai pants, which were bought during my trip last spring (see Ojai posts here and here). 

All 51 original illustrations from the book are on display at Highfield Hall in Falmouth, Mass. until Oct. 31st. Then half (25 pieces) of the collection will travel to the Danforth Museum in Framingham, Mass. from Nov. 13th – Jan. 6th. To see updates on the traveling show schedule, visit the Pocketful of Posies Traveling Exhibit page.

Eight Cousins Bookstore had a table set up and they gave away posters to the first 50 customers. I was touched by the number of men who told me how much they enjoyed the illustrations.  My artwork involves so much “women’s work” with a needle and thread, that I’m especially pleased when men are impressed.

There was a constant line for signing books, which has never happened before in almost 20 years of illustrating books! So, this is a welcome change, as  I’m usually sitting alone in a corner of a book store, twiddling my thumbs, wondering if the drive was worth the gas money.

So many friends came, including my neighbors Sheila and Joy. There were some guests who mentioned visiting this blog!

The piece this woman is photographing, “Molly my sister and I”, was taken down after the party. It will be sent to the Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. Original Art 2010 is a juried exhibit of children’s book illustration published in 2010 and will run from Oct. 21- Nov. 24.

9 thoughts on ““Posies” book party at Highfield

  1. Heartfelt congratulations, Salley. And to your very talented and supportive husband as well. I am so glad he took pictures, since this is as close as I will get to seeing the exhibit. It does look like a great many people we having a very enjoyable time. So worth all the work. Really looking forward to getting my copy of the book!

    I just have to tell you that this blog journey of the framing and the making of the original art has been an incredible one. Thank you so very much for sharing it all.

  2. I am so glad that your show and signing went well. I’ve had several signings where it was just me and a family member who was kind enough to show up. It’s discouraging. Of course, I had that signing when even the store manager forgot. 😦 So it is SO GOOD to hear that your signing went so well! Yea!

  3. What an accomplishment!!! You should be SO proud. I wish with all my heart that I could have gone. And I love love love the first picture in your last post — preparing your centerpiece with all those beautiful wee folks spread all over the table top! Congratulations!!!

  4. Sally, I saw your exhibit at Highfield…very wonderful…what a craftsman…and what a benchmark and subliminally touch children to experience quality. I sort of worked for your mother years ago at the Falmouth Artist Guild 1968. //Everett

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