Doll house stories- wallpapering

This part 2 in the Doll House Stories series shows how a little light demo work and new wallpaper transformed the interior of my 45 year old doll house. It was a welcome indulgence to spend the summer fixing up the house. My excuse was that the house needed some home improvements to make it presentable for my exhibition, “Bedtime Stitches” at the Cahoon Museum (through Dec. 19, 2020). As you can see, the wallpaper was showing a level of wear and tear that strategically hung pictures could not hide much longer. Other posts in this series: part 1 (history), part 3 (kitchen), part 4 (re-upholstery).

Years of neglect as well as the Wee Folk Players theater troupe’s multiple set changes and general mayhem had taken its toll on the place.

The kitchen was in an especially sorry state.

I demolished the tile splash board.

And made new wallpaper.

I cut out separate pieces for each wall, cutting out the window and door openings. Then I glued them in place, covering up the grimy old paper with the new stuff.

For the other rooms, I used newly purchased scrap-booking paper and some other paper I’ve had in store since I first made the house 45 years ago. It’s true, I don’t throw out anything of an artistic nature that shows promise.

Once all of the rooms were newly wallpapered, I set about putting back the furniture and picking out new pictures to hang on the walls.

My son Ian made a tiny painting of a suspended egg, which is one of his favorite themes.

I printed out a miniature reproduction of the snow scene from my book “You and Me”, mounted it on mat board and hung it up in the kitchen.

It was fun setting up this domestic scene in the bright and cheery new kitchen. I already had most of the furniture and appliances, but I made a new wall clock out of a Timex watch face set inside a plastic curtain ring.

Stay tuned for part 3 in the Doll House Stories series. – I will share how I made the woman and children and give some clues about what they’re cooking.

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19 thoughts on “Doll house stories- wallpapering

  1. Pretty and thrifty. Great idea to use scrapbooking paper- perfect weight. Did you use dollhouse wallpaper paste to install it? My dollhouse needs a refresh. Perhaps I’ll be inspired by you to do it. Ha!

  2. absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for the inspirations. I have a few of your pieces and books. I love your work. I did get to see some of your work a few years ago at a museum on Vermont. I’m so sorry that I’m unable to cross the border and go to the Cahoon Museum. Maybe another time. h


    • Thank you Barbara-Helen. There will be more opportunities to see my work in New England – NE Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA in the fall of 2021 and the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk, ME in the summer of 2022.

  3. I remember papering my dollhouse with wrapping paper with a tiny print, because dollhouse stuff wasn’t popular back then. I am fully impressed with your hand-drawn wallpaper. That’s great! And a great idea for using scrapbook paper. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

  4. I really like the old wall paper in the kitchen, but your new wallpaper throughout the house is so beautiful. I especially like the red hexagon paper. I love how you drew your own paper and used your own art for the pictures.

  5. Wow! Wow! WOW! I love that you made your own wallpaper! It’s so fresh and pretty! I inherited the dollhouse that my grandfather made for my mother in 1948. It is in need of a LOT of TLC, and this post has inspired me with a lot of great ideas. I can’t wait for the next post where you show how you made the woman! She has my haircut!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your work on the doll house. I loved the paper you made for the kitchen, and the timex clock. Your son did a great job on the painting for the living room. Did he also go to RISD?

  7. How beautiful! I love the color contrasts and yr son’s picture of the suspended egg (did I get that right?) is absolutely breathtaking.. I love the originality and creativity that everyone involved in doing the dollhouse brings to the table. Thank you for sharing this adorable project!

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