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I wrote this post 2 years ago and don’t know why it stayed in the drafts folder all that time. It was clearly written during a period of procrastination or when there was a gap in my work schedule, because it mentions cleaning my studio, which rarely happens. Right now, I’m engrossed in the process of working on a new children’s book, which you can follow here. It’s a calming break from earlier this fall when my Liberty and Justice exhibit caused a ruckus because of its political satire. So, let’s take a little detour and visit some small things around my studio!

— While cleaning up my studio, I came across the elephant pictured above. Her name is Savi and she is the main character in The Way Home, my first book. This attempt at an elephant wasn’t up to my standards (I think the bumpy trunk bothered me), so she never made it into an illustration. She’s been hanging out in my studio for 25 years. I took her picture and posted it on Instagram and Facebook.

Since then, I’ve found more small things to photograph and post. I’m holding some of them, so you can see the scale in relation to my hand. There’s Humpty Dumpty, 1 inch wee folk characters, a house and leaves that were used as spot illustrations in Pocketful of Posies. There’s a chipping sparrow that wasn’t included in the finished Birds of Beebe Woods. And at the end is a yellow telephone I made while in art school over 40 years ago.

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20 thoughts on “small things around the studio

  1. Your work always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing these little bits and pieces. They’re all delightful – even with bumpy trunks. ________________________________

  2. I love all your little creations. I do wool applique and am so impressed with your beautiful pieces and the wonderful embroidery that gives them such life. I have your book and it’s very inspiring.

  3. Hi Salley,

    Wonderful to see your treasure trove, especially the little elephant with the bumpy nose—there’s a story. I took him to represent Democrats and democracy with its bumpy nose(s). Also love the exquisite bird and telephone. Your creative mind never rests, and that’s a good thing.

    See you soon.



  4. Just discovered the best fill for stand-up ornaments and etc. It’s ground walnut shells, it not only

    is excellent for filling in the nooks and crannies, adds weight to the items. I found it at Petco in the

    bird department, pet owners use it for lining the cages. Give it a try!!! You need to use a funnel.

  5. Love your Creations… I have made many
    Dolls… and used them in Shadow Boxes…
    Of course I only have one left… it was one I did for my sister who has since passed away..
    If possible I will take a photo and post it….
    You are quite an inspiration for me!……🤗♥️

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