Bed Book

I am currently working on a new children’s picture book, My Bed, Where Children Sleep Around the World, which should be finished by next summer. But, that’s only my part, because then the artwork goes to the photographer, the designer, production, printer and marketing, before it’s an actual bound and ready hard cover book in 2020!

For the past year or so, I’ve been sharing the process of making the 3 dimensional bas-relief  illustrations, which involve stitching, embroidery and other embellishment techniques. Posts about making the artwork I’ve finished so far are listed here: Afghanistan, Japan, India, South America, North America, Russia, North Africa, Iran, Holland.  I will update this page as more spreads are completed.

Eventually, all of the sewn originals will be photographed and printed in My Bed: Where Children Sleep Around the World. Each spread will depict a child in a different culture and living environment. The story is written by Rebecca Bond and will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2020. 

I am happy to announce that the Cahoon Museum in Cotuit, Massachusetts will host the premiere exhibit of original illustrations for the book. The exhibit will be coordinated with the book’s publication in the fall of 2020. Like with Pocketful of Posies, I am scheduling a touring exhibit, so that more people can see the “real thing”, which is a totally different experience than seeing reproductions on the printed page. Interested museums and art centers are welcome to contact me for information about hosting an exhibit. It would be wonderful to have the original illustrations make their way across the whole country!

Throughout the book, there will be spot illustrations of animals on text panels. To see how they were made, click here.

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