Surprise Find!

I am happy to offer a very limited supply of discontinued Wee Folk Studio note cards, which were recently discovered in storage. Most of these designs were originally released in the early 2000’s and have been out of print for over 10 years. They come from a time when my business was dominated by fairies, with dozens of varieties of kits and cards sold on a wholesale basis to catalogs and stores.

Back then, I could be seen photographing fairies all over town, along the roadside, at the beach or on the bike path. This all-consuming experience led to writing my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk, which gives step-by-step instructions for making your own fairies and wee folk characters. My work has taken me in other directions since then, but I look back fondly at this period when the possibilities to expand the wee world seemed endless. I don’t think I would be making the kind of art I am today, if I hadn’t gone through this “fairy period”.

The cards will be sold in packs of 8 different designs, 4.25″ x 6″, with envelopes, in a vinyl wallet. The watermark will not appear on the cards. Each set will include 8 different cards, selected at random from a choice of 16 different images — Bay Berry, Morning Glory, Princess Dill, Harvest Folk, Swamp Rose, Dandelion, Lavender, Crystal, Flora and Rosebud, Sweet Pea, Milkweed, Bitter Sweet, Blueberry, Petite Pea, Moon Shell, and Rosita.

UPDATE: The discontinued cards sold out quickly, but there’s another 8 card sampler of fairies and baby wee folk available, which is a good substitute. 

Please enter my Shop HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Surprise Find!

  1. I’ve loved you for a long long time (early 1980s). What a treat to see these, and order a random pick. Such beautiful stunning photography – as always. Swamp Rose and Queen Dill could each be a poster on their own, for me (well, maybe a little one – NO, a vast and stunning ‘poster’ the size of me, of course!) Salley, you have been lifting our sorely-tried hearts of late, with your hilarious rage and passionate objection – your fairies of old play exactly the same role today. Free, joyous, light, buoyant, you shine on, you crazy lady, strong and gentle angry radical you. My spirit is uplifted by your spirit.

  2. I remember buying and cherishing your cards and passed them on to loved ones, wish I had held some for myself but it is lovely to see them here. When I purchased your first book I couldn’t even sleep the first night I had it, I poured through it from first page to last and then when I turned the light out, the images were just swimming before me and I kept turning the light on and looking at them again and again all night long. I made a number of fairies and little dollies, still have a few, one tiny little guy lives on my porch under the light like a little porch fairy watching over. You have inspired so many and I love keeping up with what you are doing, thank you for being who you are, sending love your way. I make darling bears out of recycled wool sweaters and live in a magical world myself doing it, feel we are kindred spirits.

    • Thank you for sharing your memories, Jeanette. I totally understand your excitement while imagining the wee world. At around age 20, I can remember lying in bed thinking about the doll house I was building and decorating and thinking to myself that I should be more interested in finding a boyfriend. Well, over 40 years later, I’m still consumed with little doll stuff and even managed to find a husband who loves what I do!

      • Yes, even at 72 I see no end in my love of creating and especially the magic of it all. You are blessed to have found a husband who loves what you do, I had one also but sadly he decided to move on, still dreaming of a wonderful man to share my life and loves with, maybe one day……

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