Polly in Oregon


Polly came along on our trip to Oregon. She was mesmerized by the beauty inside the Lan Su Chinese Garden in the heart of Portland.




She helped the Mavor sisters make Speculaas, molded Dutch gingerbread cookies.


She drove south of Portland to Willamette Valley, Oregon’s wine making region.




It was really gorgeous out in the country. Polly loved Oregon!





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13 thoughts on “Polly in Oregon

  1. We enjoyed seeing the Chinese Gardens again – a beautiful place. Looks like your travels reflect mine in Oregon.
    Thanks for sharing your art.

  2. It was wonderful to meet you both! My daughter and I enjoyed listening to your talk at The Children’s Place. I’m so glad you came to Oregon and that you had a good time in our beautiful State! I hope you’ll come back again, soon!!

  3. Loving these both because Polly is such a dear character and it’s such fun to follow her adventures, but also because the photography is spectacular in its own right. Thanks for the fun stuff.

  4. It was wonderful to see Polly and her friends at the children’s place. She is just as lovely in person. We normally see Polly visiting exotic and far off places in your blog. How fun that our area made the “news”.

  5. Polly, you visited one of the prettiest and bountiful states in our great nation. I suspect if you didn’t reside in the northeastern seaboard, you’d meander out to Portland and be quite happy there!

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