A family of Wedding dolls


It seems like every summer, someone I know is getting married or celebrating a big anniversary and this year is no exception. My good friends Judy and Phil Richardson had a small gathering to celebrate the recent marriage of their daughter, Mary to David. And Mary orchestrated a 50th anniversary surprise for her parents at the same time!

This was an opportunity for Terry McKee and me to partner up again for a cake and doll project. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you might remember some other creative adventures that Terry and I have embarked on in the past. We’ve teamed up for so many cooking and sewing projects that we have a special category here.

My part was constructing 2 sets of wedding dolls, one of Mary and David and the other of Phil and Judy. It helped to have reference photos to make likenesses in face and clothing. They were based on the patterns and directions in my how-to book, Felt Wee Folk-New Adventures.


Terry made a delicious lemon bundt cake with a stand for the dolls in the center hole. She devised a paper New York Skyline to surround the couple, complete with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.


Judy and Phil, on the other hand, needed a vessel to ride in, since they would be floating in a sea of ice cream, glazed with blueberry compote.




Terry came up with the idea of adding a shortbread depiction of Vinalhaven, Maine, where they were married 50 years ago. Here are Terry and I, enjoying the results. It was another successful collaboration indeed!


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12 thoughts on “A family of Wedding dolls

    • That’s great, Ashley! The 1st Felt Wee Folk book has fewer variations, especially for hair and clothing. It’ll work fine for acorn capped dolls, but the new books has wigs and more clothing patterns. I’m sure that you’ll make something wonderful!

  1. Salley, these wedding dolls are so creative and unique. I have created wedding dolls myself out of cornhusk which can be a challenge. One of the biggest challenges for me is the base as I typically use a disc of sliced wood for the dolls to stand upon. I also love the dress you are wearing in the last photo. That is the cutest pattern and love the combinations of fabrics. Is this a pattern, a dress you made for yourself? I’m always looking for interesting dress patterns where you can employ opposing fabric colors. Thanks for the inspiration! Ellen

    • Thanks for checking in, Ellen. Yes, I made my dress, but unfortunately have lost the pattern. I’m in the process of trying to replicate the dress with new fabric. I think it’ll make an interesting blog post.

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    • Thanks, Gita. These dolls are a bit larger, 4 to 4 1/2 inches and are made with a sturdier armature that is shown in my new book.

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  2. I love seeing your new creations. I like to share them with my friends and family. It’s good conversation with those who are artistic & crafty.

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