Wee Folk see themselves

BRIDESlookingfeltweefolknewcoverblogThe wee folk have been getting a kick out of seeing pictures of themselves on the pages of my new book, Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures! The brides, woodland and winter folk, and Mary and her lamb are tempted to walk back into their familiar scenes, but they have new separate lives now.

Supplies to make the wee folk dolls, including wool felt can be ordered from A Child’s Dream. I sell faux flowers to make fairies, as well as the book (with autograph and extra goodies) in my Etsy Shop.




10 thoughts on “Wee Folk see themselves

  1. So what do you do with all your wee folks when they aren’t gallaventing about? I imagine drawer upon drawer of tiny people, and I am not sure if that is exciting or scary!

    • That’s quite the image, Margo! The wee folk don’t take up much room and are very easy to have around. Right now, they are living on display shelves and accompany me to book signings. I’ll bring some well-behaved ones to Maine this month, when I speak to an EGA chapter.

  2. WONDERFUL photographs, brilliant advertising – if I didn’t already have the book I’d order one immediately. I do wish I had family and friends like me, to order more for, but they all think it takes genius (and/or sheer idiocy) to make such lovely little things (or they say “What for?” – my favourite response for sorting the sheep from the goats). This is why I am online, and love emails from you, Salley!

    But I AM going to send this post around to young people, in hopes …

  3. What fun it would be to turn up at a book-launch and find the Wee Folk on shelves around the room, looking at their own pages together – lots of copies of the book, opened to its glorious treasures within. SO enticing that each scene would need to displayed instead in a glass fronted box frame …

    I am realising I could order a copy for my god-daughter to choose JUST ONE character she loves best for her next birthday, and that could become an annual tradition – OK, maybe a whole family, because there might be more play with a whole family of charaters – but just one makes for a precious growing relationship.

    And a dear friend’s grand-daughter got ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ from me for her first birthday (the book) so I could make the lamb and Mary for her, to help her read the book now she’s three… and prepare her to want to make her own some time soon. She loved watching me knit clothes for her Christmas doll when she was two, and together we slaughtered a pair of my worn-out socks to make more clothes, so there’s hope yet…

  4. My Wee Folks live in a cabinet behind glass doors. I must admit that there are times I leave the doors open so I can hear what they are saying. You must be very quite and listen carefully because they won’t say very much if they catch you listening.

    I have made {birthed} every doll in your book except the Winter Play group. We don’t get much snow down here on the Texas coast but the Driftwood Clan is right at home here.
    My craft room is very full of material, sewing machines, odds and ends that I might someday have a use for. Oh heck, lets just admit that I’m a hoarder. Didn’t have to buy a single thing on your supply list but wooden balls and acorn caps.

    I would like to design a backdrop for each group. I read your letters carefully in case someone comes up with ideas on how they display theirs.
    Love from me all my Wee Folks,
    Nelda Wagner

  5. La felicito por su henorme trabajo es harmoso soy de Chile Santiago no e sabido de nadien haga este tipo de trabajo me gustan mucho las manualidades me gustaria aprender es toda una obra de arte felicidades y que Dios la bendiga por tan grande habilidad

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