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feltweefolknewcoverWarning: this a shameless teaser! I’m so excited about this new book cover that I couldn’t wait to share it with you. The book is still in production and the technical editor and I have been going over the text and photos, making sure that the information and instructions will be as easy to follow as possible. Ann Haley at C&T Publishing has been remarkable in her ability to find errors and point out details that might need clarification. Now the latest edited version is off to the book designer and in September I’ll have another chance to check it through, before it’s sent off to the printer.

I’m so pleased that this crowd scene was chosen for the cover. I submitted a bunch of different images populated by figures that represent the doll projects in the book and this is the most animated. Rob took the shot from a high angle, with each waving doll’s head pointed upward, toward the camera.To see how the scene was photographed, go here. My goal was to give a hint of the fun inside by showing a wide range of wee folk, including, but not limited to fairies.

Pre-order autographed copies of Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures: 120 Enchanting Dolls from my Etsy Shop. They will be sent after the book is released in late February, 2015. Each book purchased from my shop will include faux flowers to make 2 fairies and a Felt Wee Folk winter scene poster.


Editing Felt Wee Folk manuscript

19 thoughts on “new book cover

  1. Thanks for sharing your process (and progress!) . . . Loved seeing the studio shots. Wonderful team you are! Can’t wait for the release! My husband sat down with two of your books last night and was just blown away! He hadn’t even known there were “more lines” to some of the famous fairy tales!

  2. Salley, I am going to be setting up a new email and I want to receive your newsletters under that new address. Do I just go to your site and log on and then delete the old address? helen


    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for asking about continuing to receive my blog postings. I don’t know how it works, so I suggest that you set up another subscription with your new address and then see if you can cancel the old one. I look forward to hearing your frequent comments!


  3. Love this cover! We just saw the Pocketful of Posies show in Lexington today and it was a real honor to get to see some of your work in person. Just stunning! I’m looking forward to the new book.

    • Gerry, thanks for the suggestion, but I no longer teach classes. One reason I wrote the book, is to “teach” and share projects with a wide audience, while reserving my time and energy for working in my studio. I still don’t seem to have enough time for my own artwork, but the older I get, the more important this becomes.


  4. Oh Salley, this is just going to be a wonderful book and I can hardly wait to get my copy. Of course, I want it signed by you. I have to say that your last book is the most used book in my large collection! I have had so much fun making these dolls as gifts! Oh, wahoo, way to go, Salley!!!! LOVE the preview of fun to come!!!!

  5. Just canceled my Amazon pre-order, decided I will order directly from you, just an honor to have you sign the book. I made two fairy dolls last week and then hid them in my neighbors flower beds for her two granddaughters to find, they were so excited and just loved their little dolls. Thank you for sharing your wonderful whimsical world.

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