hunkered down in my studio

Rob and I are spending every spare moment in my studio, taking photographs for the revised edition of Felt Wee Folk. We need hundreds of pictures for the new book and we’re making good progress! There’s barely enough room for all of light stands, wires and equipment. The light box creates an even, pleasing light, so once it was set up, we spent a few days taking overhead shots of the dolls and step-by-step samples. I just started writing the new chapters and directions, which I find requires a different kind of discipline than stitching. So, if I don’t post for a while, I may be absorbed into the world of words, telling instead of showing. IMG_8330 We have another, larger light box that is good for the scenes. We’ve been taking pictures of the dolls all grouped together in a crowd, thinking that it would make a good book cover photo. Rob raised the tripod up really high to get the right angle. I wish you could see their little faces all looking up and waving, but that’ll have to wait until the book comes out in 2015.

Update: See the book here.

IMG_8368 IMG_8344

14 thoughts on “hunkered down in my studio

  1. I love your studio! I visited at your last open house. Can’t wait to get a copy of your new book. I’ve made lots of little dolls of my own. I mostly crochet the cloths/hats for them though. My daughter loves them (shes 8). She has made one of her own too. Well, good luck with finishing the book and have a great new year.
    Jean Tobey

  2. Well, what fun to get to see your studio, with all the inspiring and interesting items, along with the camera equipment and your husband! Of course, we are all so anxious to see each little doll! Aren’t they rather like producing babies? You must learn to love each tiny character! Your book will be soooo exciting!!! Can’t wait!

  3. Fascinating process!!Anyone who thinks writing children’s books is easy..humph!! Can’t wait to see all those little ones waving from your cover.Love being reminded of the magic of childhood/dolls etc by visiting your blog.Thanks

  4. Thank you so much for taking time to post these wonderful images…showing your husband (sorry if that isn’t correct) hard at work to show your amazing creations int the best light possible! I also loved seeing more of your studio which truly is an artist’s dream world. I hope your word crafting goes smoothly and that you complete it before too many moons…in time to enjoy the coming spring for sure, hopefully. Good wishes and gratitude to you, until your next posting.

  5. Oh My Goodness Salley! Please don’t stop teasing with posts and photos of the upcoming new book. Not being a writer or author, I am very interested in the process it takes to go from handiwork to book.. I feel like I am waiting for your new baby to be born, so we can all join in the wonderful blessing..I can hardly wait to get a copy! It will a delayed Birthday gift to my self since my birthday is in January.. but knowing you will be signing copies, will be the icing on the

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