Rabbitat 10,000 views Giveaway!


Yippee! the Rabbitat film has been seen 10,000 times since it was released 2 1/2 years ago! The number of views has surged in the last few months, since I finally saw the obvious and put it on this blog’s About Me Page. Before that, the film was assigned to its own page, requiring some rummaging around to find it. Many people have also found the film through my Facebook Page.

Poster - Rabbitat

Poster – Rabbitat

To celebrate, I am offering a Giveaway to 3 people from anywhere in this sweet old world. To enter, please leave a comment telling about your favorite material to work with. The winners will be picked at random on Feb. 1st and sent an autographed18 x 24 Rabbitat poster, which is also available from my Etsy Shop here.

Find links to blog posts about the process of making my piece, Rabbitat here. A great big thank you to filmmakers Daniel Cojanu and Elise Hugus from UnderCurrent Productions for encapsulating my work in such an engaging way for 7 minutes. For those of you who haven’t yet seen the film or want to look at it again, here it is:

85 thoughts on “Rabbitat 10,000 views Giveaway!

  1. I am a knitter first, so I would have to say yarn, usually but not exclusively wool. Followed closely by thread, because I also love embroidery. Rabbitat is great fun! And I love your other work as well.

  2. My favorite material(s) to work with are from nature. I work mainly in small scale so tiny acorns make wonderful birdhouses, as one example.

  3. Hi Salley, Congratulations on the 10,000 views of Rabbitat. I love the poster and I love your work. I’ve been inspired by you to work more with felt and embroidery. Of course I add my beads to all my work. Thank you again for all your beautiful art pieces and the wonderful stories you share with us.

  4. My absolute favorite is cornhusk! Because it is a cellulose base and the fibers only grow lengthwise, it’s so similar to fabric once it’s wet. Love working with it, dyeing it, weaving, braiding, so many options. You are an inspiration Salley! Thanks for your dedication to your art.

  5. I love paper, the smell, texture and variety is enormous. I’m not sure if Tyvek is really a paper, but it is paper-like and can be coloured, stitched and heat treated for different effects. Sometimes magazines arrive through the post wrapped in a Tyvek like envelope which can be opened out and used as fabric.

  6. Wool, wool, wool. Usually yarn but just this week falling in love with needlefelting so . . . Rabbitat looks amazing! Congrats. xo

  7. I’m in love with nature 🙂 and whatever I finde needs to work for saving the good things we have got from our planet:) . So I’m able to recycled almost everything. But the real deal is a paper – I’m origamiholic 🙂 so yeah defenetly paper 🙂

  8. Paper! I love paper and paper clay. I’ve been learning how to make felted animals which also led to an interest in fiber art so now I’m thinking up ways to combine paper and fiber. I love your work and I have one of your books as well (so for a while there, I had all these wooden beads and felt and embroidery thread and chenille stems with me every time I had the chance to sit and watch TV!). Thank you for sharing your wonderful work on your blog and newsletters!

  9. I love doing mixed media art with paints, graphite pencil, bits of fabric, stencils, patterned papers, rubber stamps, etc. Yay for 10,000 views! I am sure many of those were others passing it along saying “look at this amazing piece of textile art!” It truly is a beautiful and amazing piece!

  10. Right now my favorite material is beads, because I have an extensive collection and I can work with them at home while I care for my 2 young boys. But I can’t wait to get back to creating pottery when I have the resources. Thank you for sharing the video, I hadn’t seen it before, but I will be sharing it on FB now- very inspiring and so well produced.

  11. My favorite material, of late, is free form embroidery on wool blend felt. I make small stuffed animals, pincushions, ornaments, and similar small items.

  12. That is a tough one, can I say textiles? LOL
    I love working with wools and fabrics, and work with primitive and folk art styles, but I do enjoy doing art pieces too. I guess I am a bit eclectic in my likes and I love to do designs in different mediums.

  13. Mrs. Mavor,
    i would say my favorite materila to work with at present is paper. I am currently bookbinding As an art teachet I love expoloring and experimenting!

  14. I make Waldorf dolls and LOVE to work with cotton interlock! The beauty in seeing the fabric become alive by the last stitch, heaven!

  15. I like to work with wool felt .Ialso like to colour with pencil crayons.I am very inspired by your felt creations.Looking forward to your new book in 2015 !

  16. I like papercrafts, but also all sorts of other materials. I keep buying supplies and books and thinking I’m going to start a new hobby. I’m embarrassed to admit, what I like most is living vicariously through other artists–of every medium imaginable–through the innerwebs mostly. I think about doing stuff more than I do it. Absolutely love your artwork. Makes me happy.

  17. Too many to choose from! I can cheat a bit and say COTTON because it encompasses fabric, thread for embroidery, crocheting, knitting, and tatting. That should cover a lot of what I love to work on. Thank you for the chance in your giveaway.

  18. I love wool. Whether I’m sewing it or knitting it or spinning it or carding it- it feels good in my hands.
    I love your work! Thanks for sharing.

  19. I love to work with as many materials as I can find, to create a picture which excites the eye. Maybe beads are my favorite…they sparkle, create texture and feel good in the hand.
    Love your Rabbitat!!!

  20. I love the feel of a piece of paper I made totally from the leaves of lilies. Gourds are also another medium that can be altered into a fairy house, bowls and vases. The feel of felt has been another new addition, thanks to you :-), making those little fairies for the gourd house. Thanks for your inspiration!

  21. Hi Salley, congrats on your 10,000 views. This is such a sweet film. I’ve been enjoying reading all of the above comments, but I’d have to say that dear old “humble” felt is my all time favourite. It doesn’t need edging when cut.it is easy to sew, either with hand stitching or with the machine.It has gorgeous colours, and now that Wool Felt has come, those colours are so lovely- very soft earth tones. Hm. (thinking) .for little dolls it makes easy to cut and sew clothes, and I’ve also needle felted into it, to make new felt-type fabric. Oh Salley, I think I’ll run out of space before I finish extolling the virtues of fabulous Felt!!
    judy xx

  22. My new favorite medium is glass tiles and mosaic art. I love many forms of fiber arts and absolutely am captivated by your creations. Can hardly wait for your new book!

  23. To enter, please leave a comment telling about your favorite material to work with

    I knew there had to be a catch ! …LOL

    The world is not perfect …..but that doesn’t mean we can’t make one !

    Loved the film !

  24. Since our daughter started going to a Waldorf School I’ve discovered the wonder of wool and I guess anything made from wool would be on the top of my list. 🙂 I’d love to learn how to embroider though!

  25. I would have to say the yarn is my favourite material to work with. I love to crochet and I can also knit. I love embroidery but am too busy to do too much of it. I love your work and your creativity. I am also a doll collector and love all your wee dolls. Linda S. from Canada

  26. I’ve had a fascination with all things felt since I was 4. My first felt project was trying to make a flannel board like my Kindergarten teacher. I STILL LOVE working with all things felt!

  27. That’s a really hard question. Anything with texture or colour or an interesting appearance, so that covers just about anything. I love to felt, I love to knit, I love to embroider, I love to mixed media work too. Just give me time now and that is something that is in a little short supply.

  28. I love making felt with wool and silk. It is so lovely to touch and stitch on. I am looking forward to using the angora fiber I just sheared from my two German Angora Rabbits. Here’s to all things rabbit!

  29. I love to work with fabric. Simply putting the patterns together creates so much interest without much work! I also love working in oil pastels, and oil paint. Some day maybe I’ll figure out how to combine paint and fabric.

  30. Sou uma simples artesã que nunca foi em escola de artes.
    Trabalho com diversos materiais apenas para passar meu tempo.
    Neste momento trabalho em crochet, tecidos, feltros, linhas e pouco mais, mas já usei outros materiais como jornal, tintas e colas.
    Hoje sou uma avó de 3 netos e às vezes faço brinquedos para eles a partir de reciclagem de embalagens.
    Admiro o seu trabalho e passo muito tempo olhando seus blogues e admirando seu trabalho tão minucioso e delicado.
    Escrevo em português porque meu inglês é muito mau, mesmo entendendo alguma coisa não tenho capacidade para escrever em inglês.
    Deixo meus parabéns e admiração pelo seu trabalho.

    • The translation is very very very wrong. Very different from what I wrote. sorry.
      I’ll try to translate it:

      I am a simple artisan who never was in art school. Working with various materials just to spend my time. At the moment working on crochet, fabric, felt, lines and little else, but I’ve used other materials like paper, inks and adhesives. Today I am a grandmother of 3 grandsons and sometimes they make toys from recycled packaging. I admire your work and spend a lot of time looking at your blogs and admiring his work as detailed and delicate. Write in Portuguese because my English is very bad, even understanding something does not have the ability to write in English. I leave my congratulations and admiration for his work.

  31. Hi Salley, just love your work, gave 2 of your books. I am a patchworker first, so it would be 100% cotton, or if Crazy Patchwork, it would be any fabric. Also love Embroidery and some Canvas Work for Wedding Tassells. Congratulations

  32. Hello, from south Brazil. I have one of your books already (Pocketfull of posies), congratulations on your amazing work. I like textures, it´s great to work with different ones, in fabrics or threads. Thank you so much for this opportunity

  33. Congratulations Salley on all those views! Rabbitat is such a lovely short film to watch, especially when you just want to relax and be taken to a perfect little world! I love watching it and wish you continued Success, Susannah x

  34. I am a great fan of your work – it is very inspiring and lovely. I prefer to work with wool – needle felting or wet felting – love them both. I like to incorporate beads and embroidery threads, buttons or anything that would not runaway from me into my work.

  35. Congrats on 10,000!! Wow! I enjoyed Rabbitat so much!
    I started making dolls when I was 17 and weaving at 18.
    I think yarn and material has always been tied as what I like working with best, but over the years I have grown and changed. Now I think working with and dyeing wool fabric is the most enjoyable!

  36. I love rayon threads. I think it is because the only formal embroidery training I’ve had is with rayon. I am exploring other types of thread, but EdMar’s threads are so easy to manipulate and come in so many beautiful bright colors–I love them.

  37. Bonjour,
    Le materiau que j’aime utiliser : le tissu puisque je fais du patchwork.
    Je vous suis de France et suis abonnée à votre blog.
    J’adore le petit monde de féerie que vous créez !
    Merci de nous faire voyager dans ce monde enchanté, ça fait du bien !

  38. Well done, Salley! Love the Rabbitat film! I love to work with fabric/felt , found natural items, wool and yarn as well as my new love of resin! Mixing them all together is my new passion.

  39. Thanks for a chance to win and congratulations on 10,000 views! I love working with yarns and beads – sometimes together and sometimes separately! Is it 2015 yet…….waiting impatiently for your new book!

  40. Cannot believe that I just now watched the Rabitat video for the first time. I had forgotten to do so in all the hubbub of the Christmas holiday season. It truly mesmerized me since I too love to work with stitches and fabric…on a small scale. It seems so much more doable and quick when working on a small project, although I know such is not the case. Blessings to you for offering another giveaway…just because you care so much about your fans and appreciate them too. Happy creating as you continue to “get your house in order”…another one of my goals as well.

  41. My favorite materials to work with are cotton batiks. I love color and there are so many wonderful colors and values of color in each yard of batik. It is perfect for the applique quilts that I enjoy creating.

  42. My favorite material – that’s a tough one – I’ll say at this moment it is found objects. Anything colored, glittering, textured, transparent…

  43. I just loved watching Rabitat! You are an inspiration, and your work is so lovely in every way. I feel joy inside whenever I look at your stitch work and your creations. My favorite material to work with is wool. I am mainly a knitter, so wool yarn is big for me, but I also love needle felting and am building quite a stash of wool roving in various colors. I have also made a few of your wee folk for my daughter, and thoroughly enjoyed creating clothing out of felted wool.

  44. My favourite material is boiled wool felt- it has to be really think wool so that it drapes even when boiled. I love it because i can dye it whatever colour i want, it doesnt need hemming, i can use it as a background or applique it in layers, i can cut into it, embroider it, mould with it and above all – its handle makes it a pleasure to work with

  45. I love yarn. My dream is to take it all the way from sheep to sweater some day. There is something magical in the transformation. Wool is amazing stuff…but then there are so many natural fibers to work with and so little time!

  46. Having done many different handcrafts over the years, I would currently classify myself as a knitter, so yarn. I discovered your website on Wednesday of this week and spent most of the day browsing through it. Wow! I fell in love with your work and had to tell everyone at my knitting group about it yesterday.

  47. Yarn!

    I’d love it if I could say “oh I love all the materials equally.” And I do enjoy almost everything (except plaster. really not a fan of plaster). But since my craft stuff has no feelings to hurt, I have to go with yarn.

  48. Your work is so inspiring! I love to work with wool batting and objects found in nature. Can’t wait for your new book to come out!

  49. Congratulations hitting the 10,000 views mark Salley! Your artwork is amazing ~ so beautiful and whimsical.
    I like all kinds of materials, but *beads* and *buttons” and shiny things like that never fail to call to me!!
    Thanks for this chance to win your adorable poster! ❤

  50. I love to work with fabric scraps & pieces of junk that I can recycle, like plastic bags, plastic lids, old papers, etc. it’s thrilling to turn garbage into craft. 🙂

  51. Lately I have been papercutting so I love the patterns and textures of different papers. Your film was enchanting and your creations so wonderful, love to have a poster to display.

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