Spectacular artifacts

specs1 Last winter, I had the pleasure of being invited to look through the Falmouth Historical Society’s archives and choosing interesting items to be shown alongside my artwork. The museum’s curator, Amanda Wastrom came up with this brilliant idea, which creates a tie between art of today with objects from the past. We discovered many boxes full of delightful surprises, like collections of old eye glasses and doll shoes. There was no question that these favorote finds would be included somehow. specs2I arranged the different styled spectacles, including a selection of green sun glasses on my table top and sewed them to a stretched piece of fabric. Each pair was unique in some way, but I liked playing around with  the commonality of oval shapes of wire and glass. specs5Someone said that these sun glasses made with wire mesh are from the 1700’s. specs6We hung up the glasses display, along with other items from the museum’s archives. Sometimes visitors to my show are confused and think that everything hanging on the wall is from my own personal collection, so I want to clear that up. specs7These dolls’ shoes and miniature knitted mittens melted my heart! ThenandNow13 The exhibit, Salley Mavor: Expressions in Stitches, Then and Now will be showing at Falmouth Museums on the Green until August 16th. I am thrilled that so many visitors have come already! ThenandNow12 shoes

4 thoughts on “Spectacular artifacts

  1. You certainly did hit the jackpot…the spectacles are wonderful and the doll shoes are delightful. They also could be very valuable if they belonged to French Fashion dolls at one time. See if they are marked in any way, with Bru or other French makers. Just a thought which I wanted to share, so the historical society knows some doll shoes can be worth in the hundreds…especially for a pair. I do love what you did to enhance your display even more. I still hope to visit Falmouth this coming late summer to view your work in person. Bravo to you and happy summer too. (By the way, I know of a doll expert who lives in Orleans and could be of help if the society ever wants to have the shoes appraised.)

  2. What a clever link to the present and sweet tribute to times past. I wish I lived close to Falmouth so that I could pop over to see everything in person. All the best!

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