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I’ve recently finished making a group of wedding couples (see photo at the end of post) for the new edition of Felt Wee Folk (2015 pub date). While I was working on them,  I imagined that the dolls would be photographed on a cake, lined up on tiered layers. As a prop, the cake didn’t have to be real, but I wanted it to look realistic. My friend Terry McKee provided technical assistance and moral support as we spent 2 afternoons in my kitchen working the problem. A few years ago, we made a real wedding cake, which you can see here. cake9 We quickly found out that the sharp edges of the styrofoam cake forms tear through the fondant, so we changed our approach.  We padded the sharp edge with fondant and abandoned the by-the-book instructions that called for draping the cake over the top and sides with one piece of fondant. We decided that a top and collar would work better, since we would be able to cover any seams with frosting later. cake7 Here’s Terry rolling out the fondant collar. cake6It took most of the afternoon to cover both tiers and the base.  cake8 cake5

I lined up the dolls to see if they would all fit. After Terry went home, I spent the rest of the afternoon decorating the cake with pieces of fondant that I cut out with leaf and moon shaped cookie cutters.


On day 2 we resumed work on the cake. Terry put her piping skills to work as she applied frosting around the edges.

cake3 cake2

I piped out some squiggles on top and voila, a wedding cake! Terry was a big help and it’s always more fun to work together as we tackle these new and unfamiliar projects. The cake should last a bit, being just sugar and styrofoam. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it after we photograph the scene.

cake1Rob and I set up the cake in the light box, with a silk curtain behind and took photographs for the book. Sorry about the teaser, but this is as much as I can show of the dolls. I still have a lot to do for the book, but I can feel it getting closer!

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12 thoughts on “wedding cake prop

  1. Oh how Magical! You must have had fun..although a bit of thinking went on too..I find nutting out problems quite fun you do too.Lovely to do this with a friend.
    can’t wait to see the new book.

  2. I can’t wait for this book to come out! The sneak peeks are wonderful. Makes me want to get out the first edition and make some dolls.

  3. Really fun, Salley! I love how your style is so consistent. Even in fondant! The squiggles, the pattern and texture, and swag. Fondant is so tricky to work with, too. I always felt like it showed every indent and impression when I pressed a touch too hard. I think you two did a great job and what a fun photo prop. Thank you for showing the last photo with the photo shoot. I’ve never thought of using a light box like that before, but it makes sense. Good luck with the sewing and photography for your new book. Happy new years, and like the others, who comment about being inspired by you, I want to thank you as well for the artistic and creative inspiration you serve just by example. My goal for 2014 I think is to sew like I was pulling a Salley. (Sew all day long.) 😉

  4. Oh, Salley, I love when you talk about your work and explain what you are thinking when you design! Your ladies are wonderful and I enjoy seeing them in action. The cake has turned out beautifully, and I can’t wait to see the brides and grooms! I am so happy at the joy you must be having in doing this work!!!!

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